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Many of the forms used by Keene State College are available online, either as web-based forms or as downloadable PDF files. We are continously adding and/or upgrading online services, so if you don't see the form you're seeking please let the webmaster know.

Public forms are open to all internet users. Some web-based forms may require you login using a username and password.

Academics    Department
    Curriculum Materials Library - Request to Borrow Materials    Mason Library
    Holocaust Center Video Request Form    CCHS
    Search Course Listings    Registrar's Office
Administration    Department
    Accident, Near Miss & Potential Hazard Inquiry Form    Human Resources
    Business Card Order Form    (PDF)    Marketing & Communications
    Cancellations *    Marketing & Communications
    Change of Name and/or Mailing Address    Human Resources
    College Relations Projects    Marketing & Communications
    E-mail Account Request for Faculty & Staff    IT Group
    Emergency Contact Information Form    Human Resources
    Equipment Acquisition Form D    (PDF)    Purchasing Office
    Equipment Request Form    IT Group
    Exception to Bid Request Form    (PDF)    Purchasing Office
    Exit Interview Questionnaire    Human Resources
    Experts Directory Request Form    Marketing & Communications
    Experts Directory Search    Marketing & Communications
    Hometown Press Release Form    (PDF)    Marketing & Communications
    Independent Contract Agreement    (PDF)    Purchasing Office
    Independent Contract Agreement Amendment    (PDF)    Purchasing Office
    Independent Contract Agreement Invoice    (PDF)    Purchasing Office
    Leave of Absence, Request for    Human Resources
    Listserv Request Form    IT Group
    Make a Pledge to KSC    Advancement
    Name Tag Order Form    (PDF)    Marketing & Communications
    Non-Status Appointment Form    Human Resources
    Parking Ticket Appeal Form    Campus Safety
    Redball Express Printing Request Form    Mail & Print Services
    Release of Information, Authorization for    Human Resources
    Report of Injury/Occupational Illness    Human Resources
    Request a Parking Permit    Campus Safety
    Request a Public Folder in Outlook    IT Group
    Request to Send Online Communications to Students    IT Group
    Search Progress Chart (Goldenrod)    Human Resources
    Stationery Order Form    (PDF)    Purchasing Office
    Substitute W-9 Form    (PDF)    Purchasing Office
    Surplus List Administration *    Purchasing Office
    Surplus Property Bid Form    Purchasing Office
Alumni    Department
    Alumni Change of Address Form    Alumni Office
News & Events    Department
    Performances & Tickets Administration *    Redfern Arts Center
Student Information    Department
    Key Student Center Forms    Student Center
    Propose Event for Student Calendar    Student Center


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