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Scholar Of The Year

The faculty distinction in research and scholarship is intended to honor faculty members who have over a significant part of their tenure at Keene State College engaged in research and scholarship which is recognized by their professional peers both within and outside the institution and which represents an effort above and beyond that required for promotion and tenure.

2000-2001 Jerry Jasinski *, Chemistry

2001-2002 William Doreski *, English

2002-2003 Jose Lezcano *, Music

2003-2004 Beverly Ferrucci *, Mathematics

2005-2006 Lawrence Welkowitz *, Psychology

2006-2007 Klaus Bayr, Geography and Sander Lee *, Philosophy

2007-2008 Melinda Treadwell *, Safety

2008-2009 Helen Frink, Modern Languages and Albert Rydant *, Geography

2009-2010 Mark Long *, English

2010-2011 No Award

2011-2012 Karrie Kalich *, Health Science

2012-2013 Kristen Porter-Utley *, Biology

2013-2014 W. James Stemp *, Anthropology/Sociology

2014-2015 Lynn Richardson *, Art

*Currently employed at Keene State College.