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Do I have to disclose my disability to anyone at KSC?

You are not required to disclose your disability to the college. However, if you want to receive academic accommodations, and/or auxiliary aids you must identify yourself to the Office of Disability Services and provide documentation of disability. Accommodations do not apply retroactively and grades will not be changed for work completed before ODS eligibility was established.

If I register with the Office of Disability Services, who will have access to my documentation?

Disability Services staff will have access to your documentation but your disability records are considered confidential. Please refer to our confidentiality policy at Disability Policy/Rights and Responsibilities.

Is the process different from high school?

Yes. The laws that apply to K-12 are different than those applicable to post-secondary institutions. K-12 schools must identify and provide remediation to students with disabilities. Post-secondary schools are only required to provide equal access and accommodations may be different at the college level. In general, the burden of responsibility shifts from the K-12 school to the individual college student. College students must contact the Office of Disability Services, prove eligibility, and make their needs known.

Is there a charge for disability related accommodations?

Students are not charged for academic accommodations necessary because of a disability.

What are accommodations?

Please visit our What are Accommodations? information page.

Does KSC provide attendant care or transportation?

No. Students are responsible for self-care and transportation. Post-secondary institutions are not required to provide personal and individually prescribed devices or services of a personal nature.

Does ODS test for learning disabilities and/or ADD/ADHD?

No. We maintain a list of community resources for this service that may be obtained from our office.

Do standards of appropriate behavior apply to students with disabilities?

Yes, all students are expected to abide by the KSC Student Code of Conduct. The ADA does not require the college to accept threatening or disruptive behavior from college students, even if the disability itself may be indirectly responsible.

Does ODS provide tutoring?

No. Peer Tutoring is offered through the Aspire Program and is available, free of charge, for all KSC students. KSC also has a Center for Writing and a Math Center to assist students in these areas.

When should I submit my documentation?

The sooner, the better, as documentation may need review, clarification, or additional information. Students are encouraged to initiate the process as early as possible after they are admitted to KSC.

What role do my parents play in the process?

Students who are 18 years old or older are legally recognized as adults. In this case, the student is responsible for their own accommodation requests and disability-related decisions. However, students are encouraged to have an open dialog with their parents. Parents can be a wonderful source of support.

Is it ever too late to request accommodations?

A student may begin the documentation process to request accommodations at any time. However, as stated previously, accommodations will not be provided retroactively and grades will not be changed after a student is approved for accommodations. Students will have to abide by certain timelines depending on the type of accommodation needed. Not all accommodations can be implemented immediately.

I received different or more accommodations in high school than KSC is allowing me. Why is there a difference?

High schools often offer services and accommodations meant to help ensure a student's success. At college, the governing laws simply require that an institution not discriminate against a student with a disability and provide access to curriculum. There are no IEP's or 504 Plans in college therefore services may be quite different from high school.

Do I have to use all of my accommodations in every class?

No, not all accommodations are necessary or appropriate in every class. That's why it is important to meet with an ODS counselor each semester to assess needed accommodations within the context of the courses you are taking.

Can I request an accommodation directly from my professor without first meeting with the Office of Disability Services?

No, all accommodations must first be approved by the Office of Disability Services. Individual instructors have no obligation to accommodate you until you are approved by ODS.

Who informs my instructors about my accommodations?

You do. You are responsible for sharing the form generated through our office (Faculty Notification Form) outlining your approved accommodations with your instructors each semester.

What if a professor refuses to provide an accommodation listed on my accommodations agreement?

Contact the Office of Disability Services as soon as possible to resolve the situation. Avoid arguing with the professor as to why you were not accommodated.

Questions and answers adapted from Grand Rapids Community College, Disability Support Services Office.


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