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Donate by Phone


It's Phonathon Time!

Our student workers look forward to speaking with you about your time as a KSC student. When we call, please answer!

Meet Our Callers


Shelagh Daly ’14

Major: Psychology
Years as a caller: 2 years, currently a manager

What do you like about being a Phonathon caller?
I really enjoy connecting with our alumni and learning about the history of Keene State College. It is always fun to hear their stories! I love that I get to play an active role in helping to make KSC more affordable for so many students.

Cody Figueiredo ’15

Major: Psychology
Years as a caller: 3 years, currently a manager


What is your favorite Phonathon story?
My favorite story was when I had a conversation with a man who used to live in Carle Hall. Last year I lived in Carle, and after comparing what sides of the building we lived on he was shocked to hear that I lived on the same floor as girls. He was even more surprised when he found out that the bathrooms were one gender per floor and then switched halfway through the year. It was interesting for both of us to discuss the changes Keene State has made over the years.

How Was Your KSC Phonathon Experience? Let Us Know!

Nicole Mihalko

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