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Communication Experts

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Jiwon Ahn
      Expertise:    Media
Primary Interest: Globalization and Media, Transnational Film Genres, East Asian Cinema, Lifestyle Media, Gender and Sexuality in National Cinema, Cultural Studies, Television Studies, Race and Ethnicity in Postcolonial Cinema. Other: Film Theories, Culture, Communication, Technology.
Education:    PhD Critical Studies from the University of Southern California: University of Southern California/Northwestern University, IL
Contact: (603) 358-2771

Jeff B Halford
Assistant Professor
      Expertise:    Communication, Evolutionary psychology, Marriage/divorce data both contemporary and historical, Quantitative Research Methods, Social Psychology
interpersonal/relational communication, group interaction, identity/impression management, quantitative research methods
Education:    Ph.D- Communication: University of Arizona
Contact: (603) 358-2737

PeggyRae Johnson
      Expertise:    Freelance Director, Voice and Diction Specialist, Public Speaking Coach

Theatre, includes but is not limited to: Ibsen, Shaw, O'Neill, Shakespeare, and period styles; Voice & Diction: Working with groups or individuals for improved support, specificity, and expressiveness; Public Speaking: Working with groups or individuals for improved delivery and organization of content.

Owner of Professionally Speaking, which helps business professionals enhance their verbal communications through presentation training and voice coaching.

Education:    MA in Theatre: University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, Summa Cum Laude
Contact: (603) 358-2166

Dr. Mark C Timney
Assistant Professor
      Expertise:    Mass communication; Media ethics
Primary interests: The relationship between the public and mass communication information sources from historical, technical, cultural, economic and political viewpoints; and media ethics, including methods by which journalists may resolve ethical dilemmas. Expertise in explaining the variety of ethical dilemmas that mass communicators, especially journalists, typically find themselves in; and in helping journalists develop a logically defensible method to resolve such dilemmas while minimizing harm as they fulfill their professional responsibilities.
Education:    Ph.D. Mass Communication: Ohio University
Contact: (603) 358-2918


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