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Research Projects

Listed below are some of the projects and presentations that the CRC has conducted. In some cases, the report from the project or the handouts from the presentation are available for you to view or download. The CRC provides this data free of copyright restrictions for the benefit of local non-profit organizations and public agencies.


Home Healthcare Services 2006

The CRC designed and administered an employee survey at Home Healthcare Services, a leading non-profit organization that provides health care for residents in nearly 40 towns in the Monadnock Region.

Community Assessment 2003

Southwestern Community Services (SCS) and the Monadnock United Way (MUW) commissioned the Community Research Center (CRC) at Keene State College to conduct a community needs assessment of human services in the Monadnock Region. The goals of this report are to:

  1. Inform federal funding agencies of SCS Head Start's success in meeting the needs of economically disadvantaged residents.
  2. Provide SCS and MUW administrators with information useful for program development and strategic planning.
  3. Provide area agencies and community leaders with information that will help them address critical needs in the region and improve service delivery.

Community Assessment Reports - (PDF | Word | HTML)
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Local Human Resources Agencies

Monadnock Collaborative

Student researcher Jill Collins compiled local area census data, including information on demographic characteristics, data on housing, poverty, labor force, etc. The information is based on the 1990 census.

Monadnock Demographic Data (MS Excel)
Monadnock Demographic Data (PDF)

Housing Focus Group of the Monadnock Region

The CRC developed and administered a questionnaire to employees of businesses in the Keene area that asked respondents for demographic information, their current housing situation, and problems they encountered while securing a home. Student researchers who worked on the project include Pam Aulis, Elizabeth Burdette, Melissa Burns, and Sara DeRosa. The final report was published in October 2002, and is available below in PDF format, as well as the survey instrument.

Housing Focus Group of the Monadnock Region Survey Report (PDF)
Housing Focus Group of the Monadnock Region Survey Instrument (PDF)

City of Keene Community Goals

The City of Keene is in the process of revising Keene's Community Goals and wanted to include a general survey of area residents to determine areas of priority concern. The CRC designed and administered a survey instrument utilizing Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing technology (CATI). Results from 405 telephone interviews with area residents were analyzed and presented to the 2002 Community Goals Committee. The report and survey instrument are available below in PDF format.

Keene Community Goals Survey Report (PDF)
Keene Community Goals Survey Instrument (PDF)

AIDS Services of the Monadnock Region

Student researcher Pam Aulis helped this agency to develop a youth risk assessment survey.

Cheshire County House of Corrections

Larry Desillier, Kate Doerner, and Kim Mackey (student researchers) designed and administered an instrument to inmates to identify factors that contribute to recidivism. They entered, analyzed, and summarized the data in a final report.

Rachel Marshall Outdoor Learning Laboratory

Heather Werner and Elizabeth Burdette assessed the effect that a second grade class' participation in this program had on their knowledge of environment, interaction in small groups, and connection to the community. Their assessment tools included a pre- and post-test survey to parents and students, participant observation, and focus group interviews.

Cheshire Coalition for Tobacco-Free Youth

Pam Aulis (student) investigated tobacco sales to youth in the Keene area. Pam also assisted with collecting information for educational materials.

Cedarcrest Foundation

The CRC designed several survey instruments for Cedarcrest to conduct a state-wide needs assessment focusing on services provided to severely disabled children. Survey instruments were designed for educational professionals, medical professionals, social services professionals, and parents of children with severe disabilities.

Monadnock Family Services

Carly Holder (student) worked on two projects with MFS. After receiving Adult Consumer Surveys, she identified non-respondents and sent them a replacement survey. The second project involved designing a client satisfaction instrument for Children's Services of MFS (MIMS). The CRC analyzed the data in an evaluative report.

Monadnock United Way

The CRC has produced three workshops in collaboration with the MUW: Designing Mail Surveys (delivered 3/18/02), Designing Surveys That Count (delivered 7/24/02), and Demystifying the Census (delivered on 10/23/02).

MANY Options

An after-school program administered by MFS. This project involves pre- and post-test surveys for participants in the program. The CRC has also conducted group interviews for the program.

SAU 29

The CRC aided in the preparation of the evaluation section of a major "Safe Schools" grant proposal. The CRC is currently working with SAU 29 on the evaluation section of the Federally Funded Tech Partners Program, implemented by the Southwestern New Hampshire Professional Development Center.

President's Council on the Status of Women (KSC) Gender Equity Project

The CRC conducted a campus-wide evaluation concerning gender composition and issues within the Keene State College Community. The project included extensive analysis of data available through campus administrative offices, the Integrated Post-Secondary Education Statistics, as well as the design and administration of an online climate survey instrument.

Southwestern Community Services

The CRC is beginning research on various demographic characteristics of Head Start eligible children and families in Cheshire and Sullivan Counties, as well as an extensive compilation of other programs and centers that serve the same program constituents.

Early College Awareness Program

The CRC provided program assessment services to this partnership project between Keene State College, Winchester, and Keene High School.

Cheshire Mediation

The CRC helped this organization refine several survey instruments that will allow them to evaluate the effectiveness of their mediation services to clients.


The CRC evaluated and updated a survey instrument for the YMCA that will be used to collect data from YMCA members regarding their views of the usage of their facility, directions for future growth, satisfaction with programs, demographic characteristics, etc.


Designing Mail Surveys: Asking the Right Questions for Grant Writing

The CRC presented this workshop on March 18, 2002, in collaboration with the Monadnock United Way. The presentation offers a great introduction to what is involved in creating and administering a survey by mail. The workbook from the presentation is available below in PDF format.

Designing Mail Surveys workbook (PDF)

Designing Surveys That Count

The CRC presented this workshop on July 24, 2002, in collaboration with the Monadnock United Way. The information presents introductory information including basic guidelines and tips for developing surveys to collect numerical data, which can be used for needs or program assessment. The workbook from the presentation is available below in PDF format.

Designing Surveys That Count workbook (PDF)

Demystifying the Census: How to Access and Use Data from the Census for Local Demographic Analysis

The CRC presented this workshop on October 23, 2002, in collaboration with the Monadnock United Way. Participants learned how to navigate through the US Census Bureau web site to find and analyze data for a variety of purposes. The workbook from the presentation is available below in PDF format.

Demystifying the Census workbook (PDF)


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