Academic Support

Student Assistance will be provided in a number of ways:

Study skills sessions. These will be held each week on Sunday afternoons in the student’s residential hall, providing a structured interaction with other students in the common course. Students will be required to join at least two of these sessions, and will provided the opportunity to come each week. Tutoring. This will be provided through Keene State College’s ASPIRE program, which allows for one-on-one interaction with individual assignments and studying for exams. Individual and group sessions will be part of the common course curriculum, which will provide support for the various short essay assignments as well as for studying for the main quizzes for the course. ASPIRE tutors for Summer Momentum are specifically hired based upon their proficiency in the material covered in the common course. Career Advising. Each student will meet with Career Advising in order to select his/her elective course. Additionally, a Career Workshop and follow up will be implemented into the course schedule, providing students with an understanding of how career services can help them in making decisions about choosing a major and aspiring towards long-term career goals. Further one-on-one meetings will be held throughout the session in order to help facilitate these decisions. The purpose of these interactions cannot be understated, in that the skills the students are learning in this course are designed for real-world application. Through these meetings and in-course development, students are provided with the necessary means for making decisions about possible future careers and planning out the coming years at Keene State College in order to help facilitate those aspirations.Cohorts. Small groups of six students each will be constructed based upon the shared living quarters of the summer residence hall. Cohorts will share specific assignments, study hall hours, tutoring sessions, and participate in Dinner and Discussions and Film Analyses together. These smaller groups will provide a more intimate setting for discussion and personal development throughout the length of the summer session, while also encouraging comradery and group support. The ropes course experience that each cohort will undergo is designed to foster trust and a deeper bond between the students who will be living together over the course of the eight-week program.