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The Curriculum Materials Library recommends the following items to help teachers and administrators address issues pertaining to No Child Left Behind, project based learning, career exploration, and recruitment of women in non-traditional careers.

  1. Using Data to Close the Achievement Gap
    Ruth S. Johnson. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press, 2002.
    Shows how schools can use data to target areas for improvement and the steps to "foster positive change and create a culture of high achievement for all students." A must for schools responding to the No Child Left Behind Act.
  2. Project Based Learning Using Information Technology
    David Morsund. Eugene, OR: ISTE Publications, 2003.
    For educators, pre-service teachers, and administrators. This is a book for teachers who are looking for project based learning ideas embedded in instructional technology. Ideas are relevant and challenging, and promote multidisciplinary learning experiences in the classroom.
  3. The Jist Video Guide for Occupational Exploration
    Jist Works, Inc. : Indianapolis, IN : 1996. VHS, 29 min.
    A series of fifteen videos each featuring a different career cluster, which explores a variety of occupations in the major career clusters. Hear from the people who actually work in these jobs, through on-site interviews, how they became qualified, what they like about their jobs, and how they advance in them.
  4. Her Own Words: Women in Non-Traditional Careers
    Jocelyn Riley, Producer : Madison, WI : 1996 VHS, 15 min.
    Nontraditional careers are those in which women make up less than 25% of the workforce. The pay, benefits, and job satisfaction can be much higher than in traditional female occupations. These videos present women, through personal interviews, working in many jobs usually thought of as males occupations. Titles: Math at Work, Women in Building Construction, Women in Dentistry, Women in Engineering, Women in Firefighting, Women in Policing.
  5. Tech Savvy Girls
    Fairfax, VA: Fairfax County Public Schools, 2002. VHS, 30 min.
    How can schools address the growing gap in technology skills between boys and girls? Fairfax County Public School system addresses these and other questions in this recorded program highlighting some of their solutions.


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