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The Curriculum Materials Library (CML) is home to a circulating collection of curriculum and professional development materials for in-service and pre-professional educators. The CML provides pre-kindergarten to grade 12 materials for preview and use in classroom settings to two distinct populations: KSC Education faculty and students; and vocational-technical educators throughout New Hampshire. Secondarily, the CML makes its collections available to any New Hampshire educator, including those who home-school. In addition, the collection is available to those who purchase an external borrower card, hold borrowing privileges at Keene Public Library, and via interlibrary loan.

Fund Allocations
The CML receives partial funding through Keene State College (KSC) to support the College's pre-K-12 education programs. This support is supplemented by a federal grant Carl D. Perkins vocational-technical legislation awarded through the
New Hampshire Department of Education. The CML houses materials purchased by the New Hampshire Geographic Alliance (NHGA), a grant-funded program administered by the NHGA at KSC. In addition, the CML is home to the Safe Schools Collection, a grant-funded collection that consists of curricula, videos, games, and teacher training materials about anger management, violence and bullying prevention, conflict resolution, diversity, social skills, and humane education.

Collection Guidelines
To meet the stated goals, the following types of materials are collected:

  • Vocational and technical curricula and media materials appropriate to New Hampshire Vocational Center programs
  • Curricula and activity-based materials in support of the College's education programs
  • Materials in support of the New Hampshire Geographic Alliance grant
  • Materials in support of the Safe Schools Collection

Selection Responsibility
Selection of materials for inclusion in the CML is the responsibility of the Curriculum Materials Library staff and the Education faculty. Recommendations are welcome from Mason Library staff, KSC students, New Hampshire Department of Education personnel, and New Hampshire educators. Although some overlap with Mason Library is inevitable, materials for the CML are primarily hands-on materials that teachers can use in the classroom. They are selected with an eye to the uniqueness of the material, appropriateness to the intent of the funding source, and needs of borrowers. Materials are selected according to the criteria delineated below:

  • Specificity of subject and levels of treatment
  • Demand
  • Strength of present holdings in same or similar subject areas
  • Circulation of similar items in the collection
  • Suitability of format to content and compatibility with College-owned equipment and equipment available in the majority of New Hampshire public schools
  • Price
Other criteria:
  • All materials must be gender-neutral
  • The primary format is print; video, software, and two- and three-dimensional materials are secondary
  • Microform materials are not collected
  • The primary language is English
  • K-12 textbooks are normally not purchased; however, vendors are routinely contacted for examination copies
  • Lost or stolen materials will be replaced, if available and deemed to be still pertinent, as funds allow

Collection Maintenance
Weeding, or the removal of materials from the collection, is an integral and ongoing aspect of collection management. The CML uses the following criteria for weeding:

  • Date of publication
  • Whether or not there is a duplicate copy
  • Availability of newer or revised editions
  • Physical condition of material
  • Usage statistics
  • Potential future use

The CML subscribes to the Guidelines for Curriculum Materials Centers as put forth by the Association of College and Research Libraries. The CML adopts Mason Library's position on gifts, confidentiality, and theft and mutilation of library materials. The CML also subscribes to the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights.


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