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CML D20 .B42 2003
Traditions & encounters : a global perspective on the past / Jerry H. Bentley, Herbert F. Ziegler
Boston, Mass. : McGraw-Hill, [2003]

CML D21 .F28 2001
World history : the human experience / National Geographic Society ; Mounir A. Farah, Andrea Berens Karls
New York, N.Y. : Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, c2001

CML D21 .G73 2001
Glencoe Human heritage : a world history / Miriam S. Greenblatt, Peter S. Lemmo
New York : Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, c2001

CML D23 .C24
Calliope : world history for young people
Peterborough, NH : Cobblestone Pub., c1990-

CML D421 .F37 1999
World history, the human experience : the modern era / Mounir A. Farah, Andrea Berens Karls
Lake Forest, IL : Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, c1999

CML D743 .J43 2000
World War II : the home front / by David Jefferies
Amawalk, New York : Golden Owl Pub. Co., c2000

CML DD240 .C75 1994
Crisis, conscience, and choices : Weimar Germany and the rise of Hitler
Providence, RI : Thomas J. Watson Jr. Institute of International Studies, Brown University, [1994]

CML DF78 .B35 1999
Ancient Greece I : law, order, and commerce, military, athletics, festival games, religion / [authors, Rosalie F. Baker and Charles F. Baker] ; developed by Cobblestone Publishing Company
Peterborough, NH : Cobblestone Publishing, c1999

CML DF78 .B352 1999
Ancient Greece II : architecture, sculpture, theater, everyday life, Greeks at home / [authors, Rosalie F. Baker and Charles F. Baker] ; developed by Cobblestone Publishing Company
Peterborough, NH : Cobblestone Publishing, c1999

CML DS63.2.U5 S425 2002
Shifting sands : balancing U.S. interests in the Middle East
Providence, RI : Brown University, c2002

CML E175.8 .R57 2001
Glencoe American history : the early years to 1877 / Donald A. Ritchie, Albert S. Broussard
New York, N.Y. : Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, c2001

CML E175.8 .T434 1996
The American frontier (1785-1861) / [Jean M. West]
Peterborough, NH : Cobblestone, c1996

CML E175.8 .T435 1996
The American frontier (1862-1917) / [Jean M. West]
Peterborough, NH : Cobblestone, c1996

CML E178.1 .A67 2002
The American journey / Joyce Appleby, Alan Brinkley, James M. McPherson ; National Geographic Society
New York : Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, c2002

CML E188 .F54 1999
Colonial times [videorecording] / producer, Carolyn Vanderslice
Pleasantville, NY : Sunburst Communications, 1999

CML E208 .A437 1999
The American Revolution [videorecording] / produced by Scott Harris
Las Vegas, NV. : American Institute for Education, 1999

CML E221 .D42 1999
The Declaration of Independence [videorecording] / producer, Scott Harris ; editor, Rick Manning ; script, Scott Harris
[s.l.] : American Institute of Education ; Las Vegas, Nev. : [dist. by] Educational Clearinghouse, 1999

CML E444.T82 H47 1999
Heroes of today and yesterday [videorecording] : Harriet Tubman / producer, Susan Eikov Green
Pleasantville, NY : Sunburst Communications, c1999

CML E450 .U523 1999
The Underground Railroad : life on the road to freedom / edited by Pat Perrin
Carlisle, Mass. : Discovery Enterprises, c1999

CML E841 .C848 2001
The Cuban missile crisis : considering its place in Cold War history
Providence, RI : Thomas J. Watson Jr. Institute for International Studies, Brown University, 2001

CML F33.5 .M69 1997
A New Hampshire history curriculum : book 1, grades K-6 / Judith Moyer with Linda Betts Burdick...[et al.]
[Concord, N.H.] : New Hampshire Historical Society, 1997

CML F33.5 .M693 1999
A New Hampshire history curriculum : book 2 : grades 7-12 / Judith Moyer ; with Marie Hewett ... [et al.]
[Concord, N.H.] : New Hampshire Historical Society, c1999

CML F34 .B33 1994
New Hampshire history sources in school, academic, and public libraries / Amy Weadock Bahr
[Concord, N.H. : New Hampshire State Library, 1994?]

CML F34 .Z639 1994
New Hampshire history resources for teachers : a guide / edited by Linda Betts Burdick
Concord : New Hampshire Historical Society, 1994

CML F34.3 .N48 1995
New Hampshire through many eyes / developed by the New Hampshire Historical Society
[Concord, N.H.] : New Hampshire Hisotrical Society, 1995

CML F38 .N49 1976
New Hampshire : years of revolution, 1774-1783 / edited by Peter E. Randall
[s.l.] : New Hampshire Profiles in cooperation with the New Hampshire American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, 1976

CML F44.C4 B78 1990
The fort at no.4, 1740-1760 / by Nona B. Bruce, Barbara Bullock Jones
Charlestown, N.H. : Old Fort no.4 Associates, c1990

CML F44.C686 C85 1996
Capital City streetcar days : the Concord & Manchester Electric Branch, the Concord Electric Railways and predecessors, 1878-1933 / by O. R. Cummings
Forty Fort, Pa. : H.E. Cox, 1996

CML F44.M2 M365 2000
Manchester : the mills and the immigrant experience / Gary Samson
Charleston, SC : Arcadia, c2000

CML F44.M2 N69 2000
Yvonne of the Amoskeag textile mills / by Alice Daley Noyes ; cover and illustrations by Kathy Raczelowski ; edited by Jean Stewart Longfellow
[Manchester, N.H. : A. D. Noyes, 2000

CML F50 .S82 1994
Stonewalls and cellarholes : a guide for landowners on historic features and landscapes in Vermont's forests / authors and contributors, Rob Sanford ... [et al.]
Waterbury, VT (103 S. Main St., Waterbury 05671-0601) : Vermont Dept. of Forests, Parks, and Recreation, 1995, c1994

CMl F67 .P55 1998
Plimoth Plantation [videorecording] / producer, Carolyn Vanderslice
Pleasantville, NY : Sunburst Communications, c1998

CML F68 .M63 1995
Pilgrims : complete theme unit developed in cooperation with Pilgrim Hall Museum / by Susan Moger
[Jefferson City, MO] : Scholastic Professional Books, 1995

CML F73.4 .H57 2000
Historic Boston [videorecording]
Pleasantville, NY : Sunburst Communications, 2000

CML F158.4 .H57 2000
Historic Philadelphia [videorecording] / Mazzarella Communications, Inc
Pleasantville, NY : Sunburst Communications, [2000?]

CML F592 .W47 1997
The westward movement [electronic resource]
Washington, DC : National Geographic Society, c1997

CML F592.7 .A42 2002
Lewis and Clark : voyage of discovery / Stephen Ambrose. Sam Abell
Washington, D.C. : National Geographic Society, 2002

CML F592.7 .S1255 1997
How we crossed the West : the adventures of Lewis & Clark / by Rosalyn Schanzer
Washington, D.C. : National Geographic Society ; [Emeryville, CA] : Distributed by Publishers Group West, c1997

CML G93.I24 A76 1998
Ibn Battuta : a view of the fourteenth-century world / by Joan Arno and Helen Grady
Los Angeles, Calif. : National Center for History in the Schools, University of California, c1998

CMl G4051.E27 2000 .N3
Western migration [map] : dreams of gold and a better life drive mass movement / produced by National Geographic Maps for National Geographic Magazine
Washington, D.C. : National Geographic Society, [2000]

CML GT518 .S64 1999
Clothes and fashion : then and now / written by Alistair Smith ; designed by Ruth Russell ; illustrated by Maria Wheatley
[Tulsa, Okla. : edc, 1999]

CML GV1203 .V57 2001
Valley quest : discover our special places ; 89 treasure hunts in the Upper Valley / a project of Vital Communities ; [edited by Steven Glazer]
White River Junction, VT : Vital Communities, 2001

CML H62.A1 S62
The Social studies professional : a newsletter from the National Council for the Social Studies
[Washington, D.C.] : The Council,

CML H62 .W42 2000
Social studies : a chapter of the Curriculum handbook / Gregory Paul Wegner
Alexandria, Va. : Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, c2000

CML H86 .H37 2002
Harcourt Brace social studies / series authors, Richard G. Boehm ... [et al.]
Orlando : Harcourt Brace & Company, 2002

CML H86 .S548 1997
Silver Burdett Ginn social studies / [program authors, Juan R. Garcia ... [et al.]]
Parsipanny, NJ : Silver Burdett Ginn, c1997

CML H87 .A57 2001
Current issues in American democracy / Gerson Antell, Walter Harris
New York, N.Y. : Amsco School Publications, 2001

CML HD9879.A5 H37
Amoskeag : life and work in an American factory-city / by Tamara K. Hareven and Randolph Langenbach
New York : Pantheon Books, c1978

CML HM206 .T94 1998
21st century curriculum for social studies / Instructional Materials Laboratory, University of Missouri-Columbia
Columbia, Missouri : University of Missouri-Columbia, 1998

CML HQ1121 .D36 1986
Dane County Wisconsin pioneer women's diaries [videorecording] / WHA Television, Madison
Madison, WI : Her Own Words, c1986

CML HQ1410 .W645 1988
Women in American life [videorecording] : a four-part video documentary of the experiences and contributions of women in American history / researched and written by Mary Ruthsdotter and Bonnie Eisenberg
Santa Rosa, Calif. : National Women's History Project, 1988

CML JK271 .R44 2002
United States government : democracy in action / Richard C. Remy
New York : Glencoe McGraw-Hill, c2002

CML KF4558 .B54 2000
The Bill of Rights [videorecording] / producer, Scott Harris
Las Vegas, NV : American Institute for Education : [dist. by] Educational Clearinghouse, 2000

Main LB1139.5.S64 C66 2002
History in the early years / Hilary Cooper
London ; New York : RoutledgeFalmer, 2002

CML LB1139.5.S64 R62 2000
Teaching social studies in early education / by Wilma J. Robles de Melendez, Vesna Beck, Melba Fletcher
Albany, NY : Delmar Thomson Learning, c2000

CML LB1530 .A44 2001
Social studies excursions, K-3 / Janet Alleman and Jere Brophy with contributions by Barbara Knighton
Portsmouth, NH : Heinemann, 2001-

CML LB1530 .E39 2002
Using multicultural literature to teach K-4 social studies : a thematic unit approach / Barbara Edwards, J. Allen Queen
Boston : Allyn and Bacon, c2002

CML LB1582 .E37 2000
Seeking history : teaching with primary sources in grades 4-6 / Monica Edinger
Portsmouth, NH : Heinemann, c2000

CML LB1582.U5 Z37 2003
History makers : a questioning approach to reading and writing biographies / Myra Zarnowski
Portsmouth, NH : Heinemann, c2003

Main LB1584 .F75 2002
Social studies content for elementary and middle school teachers / Penelope Fritzer
Boston : Allyn and Bacon, c2002

CML LB1584 .L543 2000
Social studies at the center : integrating kids, content, and literacy / Tarry Lindquist, Douglas Selwyn ; [editor, William Varner]
Portsmouth, NH : Heinemann, c2000

Main LB1584 .M378 1999
Social studies and the elementary school child / George W. Maxim
Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Merrill, c1999

CML LB1584 .M55 1995
An elementary odyssey : teaching ancient civilization through story / David H. Millstone
Portsmouth, NH : Heinemann, c1995

CML LB1584 .S34 2000
Effective teaching in elementary social studies / by Tom V. Savage, David G. Armstrong ; [editor, Bradley J. Potthoff]
Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Merrill, c2000

CML LB1584 .S6373 2001
The social studies curriculum : purposes, problems, and possibilities / edited by E. Wayne Ross
Albany : State University of New York Press, c2001

CML LB1762 .A75 2002
Social science high school / written by Jeanne Armstead
Richburg, SC : XAM, Inc., c2002

CML LB1762 .A752 2003
Social science middle school / contributors, Jeanne Armstead, Jerry Holt, Evan Scott Seidman
Worcester, MA : XAM, Inc., c2003

CML PS3568.O93 Q47 2001
Quest for liberty / Robert H. Rowe
Portsmouth, N.H. : P.E. Randall, 2001

CML PZ7.B82816 Ar 1998
The arrow over the door / Joseph Bruchac ; pictures by James Watling
New York : Dial Books for Young Readers, c1998

CML PZ7.B82816 Ch 1998x
Children of the longhouse / Joseph Bruchac
New York : Puffin Books, 1998, c1996


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