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Safety and Occupational Health Applied Sciences, Bachelor of Science (04/28/2014)

SAFE 206 Construction Safety Standards is eligible to meet the Safety Electives requirement.

Athletic Training, Bachelor of Science (06/11/2014)

The Athletic Training Program has been updated with more comprehensive criteria for completion of the degree. 

Physical Education, Bachelor of Science (06/11/2014)

The Physical Education Program has been update with more comprehensive criteria for completion of the degree.

CS265 Computer Architecture (07/18/2014)

Description Update 7/18/14.

CS375 Software Engineering (07/18/2014)

Description Updare 7/18/14.

CS395 Mobile Computing (07/18/2014)

Description Update 7/18/14.

CS430 Principles of Programming Languages (07/18/2014)

Description Updated 7/18/14.

Film Studies, Bachelor of Arts (12/05/2014)

Correction: There is no portfolio process requirement for admission to the Film Studies Program.

German, Minor (01/22/2015)

The German Minor is being placed on an "administrative hold" effective immediately. The program will remain on hold until further notice.