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Academic Program Planning

Education in the liberal arts and sciences and in several professional fields is provided through the College's bachelor's degree programs. These programs include three basic components:

  • Integrative Studies Requirements - purposefully and intentionally help students engage ethical issues, approach global issues from multiple perspectives, apply diverse perspectives to their thinking and their actions, and analyze key social and environmental issues confronting us all
  • Major/Option/Specialization Requirements - offer depth of scholarship in a field of interest
  • Electives - provide the opportunity for a student to complete a minor, fulfill teacher certification requirements, or to chose courses in other areas for personal and professional growth

Because curriculum development is a continuing process, program changes may be made after publication of this catalog. Therefore, the College reserves the right to add, change, or delete curricular offerings and/or make curricular refinements. Some changes are necessitated by agencies that accredit the College or certify students. Check with academic disciplines, the Registrar's Office, Academic & Career Advising, or the Educator Preparation Programs Office to learn of any recent changes.