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Safety and Occupational Health Applied Sciences

School of Professional and Graduate Studies

20 credits

Credits earned in courses used to satisfy multiple requirements will count once toward the total number of credits required for graduation.

Minor Requirements

Safety Minor Core

SAFE 202 Occupational Safety
SAFE 303 Safety and Health Standards

Select a minimum of three courses (12 credits) from the following:

  • INSAFE 103 Safety Chemistry
  • SAFE 203 Fire and HAZMAT Response
  • SAFE 204 Human Factors in Safety
  • SAFE 206 Construction Safety Standards
  • SAFE 301 Loss Prevention
  • SAFE 302 Law and Ethics in Safety
  • SAFE 304 Environmental Regulation
  • SAFE 306 Behavioral Based Safety
  • SAFE 307 Safety Management Systems
  • SAFE 401 Industrial Hygiene
  • SAFE 402 Critical Incident Response