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School of Sciences and Social Sciences

24 credits

This minor is available to help prepare non-Management majors for careers in business or for graduate study in law or business administration.

A grade of C or higher is required in MGT 101 and MGT 140.

Minor Requirements

Core Courses

ISECON 104 Introduction to Macroeconomics
MGT 101 Introduction to Management
MGT 140 Quantitative Decision-Making
MGT 215 Accounting for Sustainable Business

Select two from the following:

  • MGT 301 Organizational Theory and Behavior
  • MGT 319 Financial Management
  • MGT 324 Human Resource Management
  • MGT 331 Principles of Marketing
  • MGT 345 Operations Management
  • MGT 381 Management Information Systems
  • MGT 446 Competitive Manufacturing Management