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Information Studies

Mason Library

The minor in Information Studies focuses on understanding the complex information environment and the qualities of interactions between people, information, and information technology. Information Studies courses prepare students to understand how information is produced, shared, and preserved. Students are able to navigate the information environment, participate as producers of information, and utilize information technology while recognizing the ethical and legal impact that access to information has on their person and society. Information Studies students develop advanced research skills and information literacy which are in demand in all sectors of the job market as well as graduate and advanced professional programs. The minor complements any major field of study and provides a solid foundation for continuing to graduate, law, and medical school programs.

Minor Requirements

20 credits

IIINFO 110 Information Environment
IIINFO 210 History of Recorded Information
INFO 310 Information Policy
IIINFO 320 Participatory Cultures
INFO 490 Advanced Special Topics in Information Studies