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Bachelor of Arts
School of Arts, Education, and Culture

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Learning Outcomes:

The major attempts to provide students with the ability to think and read analytically; to form sound opinions and support them with logical arguments based on evidence; to communicate ideas effectively; and to conduct historical research. The history major also provides students with a body of historical knowledge that will enable them to understand contemporary events of local, national and global importance, as well as to understand the various cultures and civilizations that make up the world community.

Learning Outcomes: In order to assess the efficacy of student learning in the above areas, the history department has developed a list of learning outcomes by course-level. They focus on students' facility with historical knowledge, and measurements of their critical thinking, reading, and writing skills.

  • The primary learning outcome in 100-level courses is demonstrated facility with a body of historical knowledge.
  • The primary learning outcomes in 200-level courses are basic proficiency in critical reading and critical written evaluations of texts, as well as demonstration of proper citation and documentation.
  • The primary learning outcomes are advanced proficiency in critical reading and critical written evaluations of texts, as well as proficiency in analysis of historical theory and methods.
  • The primary outcomes in 400-level courses are an advanced written interpretation of a variety of texts, proficiency in evaluation and use of historical methods and theory, and proficiency in oral presentations of students' written work and/or student critical discussions of texts.