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School of Arts, Education, and Culture

This minor provides students with an active command of written and spoken German and with a knowledge of historical and contemporary Germany. It is designed to complement programs such as Film Studies, Management, English, History, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Music, and Education. German minors may elect to study in Germany or Austria during their junior year through the Marburg University, the University of Maine's Junior Year in Salzburg, the Collegium Palatinum in Heidelberg, or other approved programs. Students planning to study abroad must consult with the Global Education Office and German faculty before departure to arrange for program approval and transfer of credit.

New students who have had no prior German should register for IHGER 101. Students with one or two years of successful high school study or one college semester should register for IHGER 102. Students with three or more high school years or two college semesters should register for IHGER 201. Consult German faculty to find the most appropriate level.

Minor Requirements

IHGER 201 Intermediate German I
IHGER 202 Intermediate German II
GER 315 Conversation and Composition

Select a minimum of 8 credits from the following:

  • GER 290 Intermediate Special Topics
  • GER 298 Independent Study
  • GER 350 Study in Germany or Austria
  • GER 498 Independent Study
  • HIST 342 Europe, 1918-1945
  • HIST 343 Europe Since 1945
  • HIST 351 19th Century Germany
  • HIST 353/HGS 353 Nazi Germany and the Holocaust
  • IHHIST 253 Second World War
  • HIST 390 Studies in History (when the topic is related to Germany and or the German-speaking world)
  • HIST 490 Advanced Special Topics (when the topic is related to Germany and or the German-speaking world)