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School of Sciences and Social Sciences

20 credits

A minor in Geography strengthens a liberal arts education. A geographic perspective provides a complement to majors such as Environmental Studies, History, and Sociology. In this 20-credit minor, students will take a course in both of the major subfields of geography: physical and cultural. Students will also select from regional, systematic, and geographic skills courses.

Minor Requirements

ISGEOG 203 The Human Cultural Mosaic
ISGEOG 204 Physical Geography

Select one of the following regional courses:

  • GEOG 340 Topics in Regional Geography
  • GEOG 341 Geography of the U.S. and Canada
  • GEOG 371/571 Geography Field Studies

Select one of the following systematic fields of geography courses:

  • GEOG 303 The Politics of Place
  • GEOG 304 Population Geography
  • GEOG 305 The Global Economy
  • GEOG 307 Urban Geography and Planning
  • GEOG 330 Natural Resource Management
  • GEOG 332 Global Water Resources

Select one of the following geographic skills courses:

  • GEOG 321 Geospatial Technology for K-12¹
  • GEOG 323 Cartography and Surveying
  • GEOG 324 Fundamentals of GIS
  • GEOG 325 Cartographic Design and Analysis
  • GEOG 327 Environmental Remote Sensing

¹ Recommended for Teacher Certification candidates only.