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Bachelor of Arts
School of Arts and Humanities

This major allows students to acquire an active command of written and spoken French, with a knowledge of historical and contemporary issues in the French-speaking world. It is designed to complement programs such as Film Studies, Management, English, History, Music, and Education. French majors must study in Africa, France, or Québec through our exchange programs or through other approved programs. Students planning to study abroad must consult with the Global Education Office and French faculty before departure to arrange for program approval and transfer of credit and detailed study away requirements. Students seeking teacher certification in French or Spanish must also take the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview and attain a score of "Advanced Low" or higher.

New students who have had no prior French should register for IHFR 101. Students with one or two years of successful high school study or one college semester should register for IHFR 102. Students with three or more high school years or two college semesters should register for IHFR 103. Students must consult French faculty to find the most appropriate level.


Each student must demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English as specified by the Language Requirement for Students with Majors in the School of Arts and Humanities.

A student majoring in French satisfies this requirement by virtue of completing course requirements for the major.


40 credits minimum


40 credits

FR 201 Intermediate French
FR 315 Conversation & Composition I
FR 316 Conversation & Composition II
FR 325 Introduction to French Literature
FR 350 Study in Africa, France or Quebec
FR 405 Contemporary French Usage
FR 410 Advanced French Grammar
FR 495 Seminar

  • Teacher Certification in French

    Dual Major in Education

    • Secondary Education
    • Students pursuing a dual major in Education will refer to the appropriate Education option. Also, students seeking teacher certification in French or Spanish are required to take and pass the Praxis II Content Knowledge Test before they begin student teaching as well as the Official ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI). The (OPI) must be completed no later than 30 days following the student’s return from study abroad.

    Select courses to reach a total of 120 credits for the degree.


    120 credits