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Theatre and Dance

We humans have an elemental need for make-believe. This course explores the use of imagination in the creation of theatrical events using hands-on creative projects and traditional lecture/discussion. Topics include historical and global perspectives, acting, designing, directing, and playwriting. Attendance at specific Redfern Arts Center productions is mandatory. Fall, Spring.

This experiential course explores the fundamentals of the art and craft of acting. Our work will include play and performance analysis, class exercises, and collaborative projects. Fall, Spring.

This experiential dance course addresses issues of identity, culture, and ethics through personal movement exploration and analysis of master works from turning points in modern dance history. Includes dance technique, composition, and research methods from the field of performance studies. Fall, Spring.

The art and craft of the playwright. Students will be involved in the creation of a dialogue text using Dramatic Imagination. Students will study structure and techniques of writing for dramatic forms, primarily theatrical forms. Students will complete writing exercises as well as preliminary drafts and a completed script. Prerequisite: 24 credits in ISP, including ITW 101 and IQL 101. Spring.