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Social Science

IISOSC305 Travel: Critical Perspectives

This is an interdisciplinary course examining travel as a dynamic blend of the social sciences. How can travelers apply social science principles to develop global understanding? Travel critically engages the multiple perspectives of political science, economics, geography, archeology, anthropology, history, and sociology. The course will utilize lectures, discussions, and projects. Prerequisite: 24 credits in ISP, including ITW 101 and IQL 101. Spring, Summer.

IISOSC310 War: Why We Fight

Interdisciplinary examination of war as a social phenomenon. Central to the course are questions regarding the nature and necessity of war. Emphasis is placed on class discussion and readings from the fields of Geography, Psychology, Economics, Political Science, History, and Sociology. Prerequisites: 24 credits in the ISP, including ITW and IQL. Occasionally.