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Film Studies

This course provides an introduction to basic filmmaking technique, aesthetics, and skills in digital media management through production of digital video projects. Students gain an understanding of the art of narrative filmmaking through emphasis on story development, cinematography, editing, directing, and sound design. Course participation demands outside-class production time.

This course is designed to equip students with the tools necessary to become critically aware and capable film viewers by introducing elements of film form, processes of textual analysis, a variety of cinematic techniques used in narrative and non-narrative cinema, and other models of critical analysis used in film criticism. Not open to students who have completed FILM 270. Fall, Spring.

This course examines the history of narrative film's technical, aesthetic, industrial, and social development within an international context, particularly in relation to wider cultural and political movements. Film screenings and frequent writing assignments are employed to encourage critical skills in terms of cinema aesthetics and cultural criticism. Not open to students who have completed FILM 271. Fall, Spring.

Presenting the works of women film and video makers in the social, economic, and historical contexts of their production and reception, this course develops a critical understanding of women's concerns in a transnational world. Prerequisites: 24 credits in ISP courses, including ITW 101 and IQL 101. Spring.

Addresses major issues in thinking about both national and international cinema in the context of globalization. By examining "global Hollywood" movies and international art cinema as well as transnational film genres, the course explores critical approaches to the intensifying flows of ideas and influences in world film culture. Prerequisites: 24 credits in ISP courses, including ITW 101 and IQL 101. Fall.

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of writing a feature-length film narrative in a proper screenplay form. Class is conducted as a series of workshops in which students study several different types of screenplays, and then do a series of projects that prepares students to write original scripts. Prerequisites: 24 credits in ISP, including ITW 101 and IQL 101. Fall, Spring.