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Clinical: Specialty Settings

NURS403 · 2-4 credits

Note: 4 credits Pre-Licensure and 2 credits RN. Students apply nursing knowledge and skills in community health, occupational health, child-bearing and child rearing agencies, and function as a member of a health care team to ensure positive outcomes. Clinical sites will include community clinics, rural hospitals, long-term care centers, senior centers, day care centers, schools, OB clinics and acute care including ante-partum labor/delivery sites, post-partum sites and newborn nursery sites. Patients and sites will vary depending on availability. Clinical course associated with NURS 401 and NURS 402. Community health visits may focus on maternal and child health. Prerequisite: NURS 301, NURS 302, NURS 303, NURS 304, NURS 305, NURS 306, NURS 307 Co-requisites: NURS 401, NURS 402, NURS 407. Graded Pass/Fail.