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Bb-to-Canvas Update

Canvas has extended its rich media capability with the integration of Kaltura, a YouTube-like media area specifically for Keene State faculty and students. Kaltura is available through Canvas and can be used by students to create video projects or upload original videos. Faculty can use it to upload tutorials, online lectures or any original work. Look for “My Media” and “Media Gallery” on the course navigation menu. If you’d like to learn more about Kaltura consider attending a Rich Media workshop:

Faculty interested in inviting colleagues or other experts to their class can now easily do so with the integration of Collaborate, on online web conferencing tool fully integrated into Canvas.




Bb-to-Canvas Update

As of Thursday, July 10th, 61.6% of the faculty scheduled to migrate to Canvas this fall have taken an Introduction to Canvas workshop or have used Canvas previously. This is up 11.6% from June 9th!

CELT has invited department and school administrative assistants to attend a session designed to provide a basic orientation to the Canvas environment. It should be noted that this workshop is not designed to teach AA’s how to use Canvas but rather it is designed to make them aware of the tools available for instructors and students and where end-users can find support.Sessions begin 7/11 and continue through the end of July. Please contact Susie Ericson-West for more information about the administrative assistant session:

CELT has worked with the faculty and staff in the Mason Library to talk about the migration plan, provide an orientation to the Canvas environment and facilitate a 7 task skill assessment in the evolving “Canvas Learning Center” course. This course will be used to help student workers understand Canvas basics.

Bb-to-Canvas Update

Frequently Asked Questions about Canvas:

The CELT staff have put together a list of frequently asked questions about Canvas, faculty and student support, the course creation process and everything in between. If you have a question that is not on this list, let us know and we’ll do our best to answer it. We might even include it on this FAQ list.

Q: How long will I have access to Blackboard?
A: You will have access to Bb and all of your course materials until the end of May 2015. However, we recommend you save materials such as Word documents, Powerpoints and PFD files to your “P” drive. Alternatively, you can export the entire Bb course as a zip file and re-import it into Canvas. Both come with pros and cons and it really depends on you.

Q: Can you customize the course navigation menu like you can in Blackboard?
A: Canvas directs course organization away from the navigation menu to the modules area. Here, faculty can organize the course sequence in a way that best fits their course and their teaching style. So the answer to this question is no.

Q: Does Canvas have an email tool?
A: Yes, though Canvas refers to it as the “inbox” or “conversations”. Faculty can message individual students or the entire class. Messages will be delivered to students via their preferred method of communication which includes their KSC email, alternate email, and text messaging. 

Q: How are students being supported with Canvas?
A: Students will have several ways to learn about Canvas including: student orientation leaders will be made aware of Canvas and some of the basic things that trip up students; Help Desk student technicians will participate in a Canvas training session and these same students will be in the residence halls during move-in day(s) should there be questions about Canvas; Mason Library students and staff who work at the Information Desk will be able to support some of the Canvas basics.
The online documentation created by Canvas are a great resource and are updated regularly. Of course CELT recommends instructors give a brief orientation to their course so that students know what to expect and where to find materials.

Q: I’m teaching a 100 level course and 2, 300 level courses. Do I use both Canvas and Blackboard?
A: No. If you are teaching a 100 or a 600 level course then all of your courses will be on Canvas. Here are the *criteria for fall 2014 Canvas use: .
* also included in the fall migration are faculty new to KSC.

Q: Is there a way to manage content in the course so it is not visible to students?
A: Yes, the “publish”, “unpublish” button allows instructors to work on their course away from student view. Once the instructor is ready they click in the gray “publish” button. Once published the button is green. There is no global “publish” button other then publishing the course.

Q: Can I drop the lowest grade on an assignment or a quiz?
A: Yes, you can. For individual quizzes you can ‘allow multiple attempts’ / ‘quiz score to keep’ <lowest or highest>. If you weight your grades, you would create an assignment group where you can create grading rules including ‘drop lowest scores for each student’.
Documentation can be found on the Canvas guides site:

Bb-to-Canvas Update

Thank you Keene State faculty!
As of Monday, June 9th, 50% of the faculty scheduled to migrate to Canvas this fall have taken an Introduction to Canvas workshop or have used Canvas previously. This is up 15% since May 9th. We’re thrilled with the number and hope to see it rise again in the next few months.

New material has been added to the Getting to Know Canvas course including a nifty Browsers for Canvas checker, and an assignment types flowchart. The course is open and can be accessed here:

Speaking of workshops, you can find a schedule of Canvas workshops and descriptions here including our newest addition, Using Assignments in Canvas. This session is led by CELT’s new Instructional Consultant, Chris Odato. Sign up for the workshop and say hi to Chris!

Bb-to-Canvas Update

We are very happy to announce that Mike Nieckoski has accepted a position with CELT as the Canvas Administrator! Mike has experience administering other learning management systems such as Moodle and Blackboard and has supported faculty who adopt technology into their teaching.

Canvas outreach:
CELT continues to offer outreach for the KSC community and will be in the Student Center on Friday, 5/16 between 11-1 and again on Thursday, 5/22 between 11-1 to answer any questions you might have about Canvas.

Canvas *workshops and descriptions:
*New workshop added: Using Assignments in Canvas. This session is led by the new Instructional Consultant, Chris Odato. Sign up workshop and say hi to Chris!

Am I teaching with Canvas this fall?
Here’s the schedule: . If you’re still unsure, please contact me.


Bb-to-Canvas Update

CELT will be offering Canvas workshops during professional development weeks in mid-May and through the summer months.  New topics in the hopper include: using rich media and using the Canvas assignment feature. I can promise you that these are not your run-of-the-mill tools. You’ll be excited to learn what Canvas can do!

Registration and workshop descriptions can be found here:

As of Friday, May 9th, 35% of the 310 faculty scheduled to migrate off of Blackboard to Canvas in the fall of ’14, have attended an Introduction to Canvas workshop or have have experience teaching with Canvas through pilot participation or having used free Canvas. Thank you to all who have made time in their busy schedules to learn the Canvas basics!


Bb-to-Canvas Update

CELT will be offering Canvas workshops during professional development weeks in mid-May. Registration and workshop descriptions can be found here:

CELT met with the following groups to discuss the Canvas transition:

Wednesday, March 26th – Graduate Coordinators from Education
Monday, March 31st – Department Chairs, Science and Social Science
Friday, April 11th – Department Chairs, Arts and Humanities
Monday, April 14th – Senate Chairs
Monday, April 28th – Department Chairs, Professional & Graduate Studies

Questions raised during the meetings included:

    • will faculty have access to Blackboard during the 2014-2015 academic year?

      yes, all faculty will have access to old course material through May 2015.

    • can faculty get access to Canvas to become familiar with the new environment?

      yes, faculty participating in an “Introduction to Canvas” workshop will get their own Canvas practice course which can be used to build a real course. Faculty can have more then 1 practice course.


Bb-to-Canvas Update

As of 4/15/14 CELT has run 2 Introduction to Canvas workshops and 11 faculty have attended. Additional workshop dates/times can be found at the workshop link below including Saturday (5/3) and an evening (5/8) session. 

CELT met with the following groups to discuss the Canvas transition:

  • Wednesday, March 26th – Graduate Coordinators from Education
  • Monday, March 31st – Department Chairs, Science and Social Science
  • Friday, April 11th – Department Chairs, Arts and Humanities


Bb-to-Canvas Update

On Friday, April 4th, email was sent to all faculty participating in the fall 2014 migration.

The CELT staff created and made publicly available the Getting to Know Canvas resource site ( The site is chock full of information including:

  • 5 Steps to Building Your course;
  • KSC Canvas course examples;
  • Blackboard-to-Canvas migration information;
  • Advanced topics (in progress)
  • Alerts and notifications: how Canvas can help students.

Short 2-4 minute how-to video’s created by Canvas compliment the Keene State Specific information.

Bb-to-Canvas Update

March, 2014
Four Keene State faculty involved in the spring/fall 2013 pilot or teaching on “Canvas for Teachers” (aka: free Canvas), offered to make their courses public so colleagues could see what a KSC course might look like. Those courses are available to view here:
Also included on this site are sample Canvas courses organized by features and tools.

To get a sense of an institution’s migration to Canvas, watch this 3 minute video about Rider University’s experience:
Despite the title, the video includes interviews with faculty who speak about their successful experience migrating to Canvas. The faculty in the video note support from Rider staff, something the CELT Canvas Migration Team will be offering