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Bb-to-Canvas Update

CELT will be offering Canvas workshops during professional development weeks in mid-May. Registration and workshop descriptions can be found here:

CELT met with the following groups to discuss the Canvas transition:

Wednesday, March 26th – Graduate Coordinators from Education
Monday, March 31st – Department Chairs, Science and Social Science
Friday, April 11th – Department Chairs, Arts and Humanities
Monday, April 14th – Senate Chairs
Monday, April 28th – Department Chairs, Professional & Graduate Studies

Questions raised during the meetings included:

    • will faculty have access to Blackboard during the 2014-2015 academic year?

      yes, all faculty will have access to old course material through May 2015.

    • can faculty get access to Canvas to become familiar with the new environment?

      yes, faculty participating in an “Introduction to Canvas” workshop will get their own Canvas practice course which can be used to build a real course. Faculty can have more then 1 practice course.


Bb-to-Canvas Update

As of 4/15/14 CELT has run 2 Introduction to Canvas workshops and 11 faculty have attended. Additional workshop dates/times can be found at the workshop link below including Saturday (5/3) and an evening (5/8) session. 

CELT met with the following groups to discuss the Canvas transition:

  • Wednesday, March 26th – Graduate Coordinators from Education
  • Monday, March 31st – Department Chairs, Science and Social Science
  • Friday, April 11th – Department Chairs, Arts and Humanities


Bb-to-Canvas Update

On Friday, April 4th, email was sent to all faculty participating in the fall 2014 migration.

The CELT staff created and made publicly available the Getting to Know Canvas resource site ( The site is chock full of information including:

  • 5 Steps to Building Your course;
  • KSC Canvas course examples;
  • Blackboard-to-Canvas migration information;
  • Advanced topics (in progress)
  • Alerts and notifications: how Canvas can help students.

Short 2-4 minute how-to video’s created by Canvas compliment the Keene State Specific information.

Bb-to-Canvas Update

March, 2014
Four Keene State faculty involved in the spring/fall 2013 pilot or teaching on “Canvas for Teachers” (aka: free Canvas), offered to make their courses public so colleagues could see what a KSC course might look like. Those courses are available to view here:
Also included on this site are sample Canvas courses organized by features and tools.

To get a sense of an institution’s migration to Canvas, watch this 3 minute video about Rider University’s experience:
Despite the title, the video includes interviews with faculty who speak about their successful experience migrating to Canvas. The faculty in the video note support from Rider staff, something the CELT Canvas Migration Team will be offering 

Bb-to-Canvas Update

March 20 & 21
CELT sends the department chairs the migration plan and a list of their faculty and courses using Canvas in the fall 2014 semester.

The plan for this roll-out involves migrating over 300 faculty, including all the classes they are teaching, during the Fall 2014 semester. Anyone not migrated for the Fall 2014 semester will do so for Spring 2015. The following people will move during the Fall 2014 semester:

  • Faculty teaching 100-level courses or 600-level courses
  • 2014-2015 Department chairs
  • Faculty on sabbatical during Spring 2015
  • Faculty who have previous experience with Canvas
  • Faculty new to KSC

This should be more convenient for the faculty migrating to Canvas as all their courses will be taught using the same Learning Management System (LMS).

Bb-to-Canvas Update

March 12, 2014
CELT communicates to the department and school administrative assistants about the Canvas migration timeline. Administrative assistants will be invited to learn more about Canvas, where to find help resources, and given a tour of the Canvas environment.

Bb-to-Canvas Update

After two semester-long pilots, Interim Provost, Gordon Leversee announces the College is moving to Instructure Canvas as the new learning management system at a faculty meeting in February 2014.