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Bb-to-Canvas update

CELT shared the information below in an email to all OS and PAT staff on Wednesday, March 18th. The email attachments included steps for saving material for users with a student role and an instructor role and recommended materials are saved in a secure location such as the “P” drive.

Good morning all,

As a reminder, the College is moving away from Blackboard as our learning management system to Canvas. We’ve been working on the transition since last summer and it will be completed by May 31st 2015. That means that Blackboard will not be accessible to users after May 31st. As you may have been a Blackboard user in one or more roles (student, instructor and/or committee member) please check to make certain any materials you want to save are downloaded to a secure location such as your “P” drive (aka “My Documents”).

Please use the information attached to this email to save your Blackboard materials.

Blackboard Login:
Use your KSC NetID and password to login.

Bb-to-Canvas update

CELT re-shared information about saving Blackboard materials in an email to all faculty on Monday 3/16/2015 (originally shared on Tuesday 2/10/2015).

Good afternoon all,

I hope you are enjoying some well-earned rest this week.

This week might be a good time to make sure you have a copy of your Blackboard course materials saved in a secure location such as “My Documents”. Remember, you will not have access to Bb after May 31st, ’15 so now would be a good time to look at materials you want to save including grade centers.

Our recommendation for saving material is here:

CELT also re-shared information about saving Blackboard materials to students on a MyKSC Announcement on Monday 3/16/2015 (originally shared on Tuesday 1/20/2015).

If you have materials in Blackboard that you created and want to keep please log in and download your materials. As a reminder, the College is wrapping up its transition to Canvas and Blackboard will be inaccessible after May 31st, 2015.

Here is a very basic guide that will help you download your submitted assignments:
Blackboard login:

Thank you,
Canvas Support Team


Bb-to-Canvas update

CELT shared the information below in an email to all faculty on Tuesday 2/10/2015. The steps below follow best practices and ensures faculty have the steps necessary to save course materials that might currently reside in Blackboard.

Tip: If Blackboard is no longer accessible after May 2015, what do I need to do to save my old Blackboard course materials?

Faculty who have content on Blackboard will have to download and save it before the end of May 2015. There are several ways in which to do this but here are the steps we recommend:


  • Use the “Export” tool in Blackboard (not the archive tool)
  • Blackboard will create a course .zip file. Save this to a secure location. We strongly recommend you use your Keene State “P” drive.
  • Save the .zip file TWO times (yes, 2 times). The first .zip file can be used to import back into Canvas.  Do not open or change this file.
    • The second .zip file can be opened and files can be modified and saved.
  • Save the grade center in all of your Bb courses for your records. The grade center is not a part of the Bb course “Export” and must be done individually.
  • If you want to show student work examples you can but you have to individually download assignment submissions.


Step-by-step handout:


On Tuesday, 1/20/15 a high priority announcement on MyKSC was posted encouraging students to save any of their Blackboard materials they want to keep. The announcement duration is 2-weeks with plans to run a similar message in mid-March and again at the end-of-the-semester.

The message is as follows:

Welcome back students!

This is a reminder that the college is in the final stages of transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas. All classes will be in Canvas beginning this semester. If you have materials in Blackboard that you created and want to keep please log into Blackboard and download your materials. Students will have access to Blackboard until the end of the semester.

Here is a very basic guide that will help you download your submitted assignments:

If you need any additional support, please contact the HelpDesk at 358-2532, email or stop by our office on the 2nd floor of Elliot Hall.

Thank you,

Canvas Support Team


The CELT team has developed a schedule of Canvas workshops during the month of January including two days packed with topics such as “Settings and Notifications”, “Discussion Boards”, “Rubrics”, and four “Introduction to Canvas” sessions including one in the evening (Wednesday 1/7/15). If all you need are a few nagging questions answered then a Canvas Study Hall might be what you’re looking for. These are not formal intro sessions, nor are they one-on-one appointments, but are intended to provide faculty a place to develop Canvas courses with a Canvas “expert” present to help with questions that arise.

Consider signing up for a workshop or dropping in on our Study Hall on Thursday, January 15th between 11:00am-6:00pm (details can be found in the link below).

Full spring workshop and Study Hall schedule can be found here:





On Thursday, January 15th there is a first-come-first serve drop-in session dedicated to faculty who need an answer to a quick question.


CELT has created a Canvas Help Database populated with frequently asked questions from the Keene State community. While general how-to questions are found in the Canvas Guides, the Canvas Help Database is populated with answers to questions such as:

  • I’m on a Mac, why does my downloaded zip (from Blackboard Export) automatically decompress?
  • How are Course Total grades calculated/displayed when a course is only partially completed?

CELT will spend the winter break populating the site with more content so be sure and check back. If you have an FAQ to share please let us know (

Faculty and students can access the searchable site from the Canvas “Help” menu.


The migration from Blackboard to Canvas provides an opportunity for the College to review laws, policies and procedures related to the use of an LMS.

Upon further review of FERPA requirements and a 2002 Supreme Court ruling (Owasso Independent School Dist. No. I—011 v. Falvo), the Academic Affairs Council has determined that only faculty should have access to any and all entries in the gradebook. That is, student graders/TAs cannot be allowed to have direct access to the gradebook as they have no “right to know” the details of the information contained therein which is considered an “education record.” They are allowed to grade the assignments or homework assigned to them, but are not allowed to directly input grade information into the gradebook.

To ensure that the campus is following FERPA and other existing policies, including the Data Management Policy and the Computer and Network Use Policy, the ability for faculty to add students to their courses in Canvas in a role other than “student” has been eliminated. Faculty who are using student graders/TAs should contact CELT to have him/her added to the course in the appropriate role.

Below are links to the information within the Canvas guides about bulk downloading and uploading of assignment submissions and gradebook management.


Due to some changes in how Canvas handles roster management, CELT has developed a process by which faculty can remove students who dropped or withdrew from their course. Below is the email sent to faculty teaching on the Canvas platform in the fall of 2014 (9/2/2014).

Removing students from class rosters in Canvas

Due to changes in Canvas, CELT has developed a process for faculty to request removing students from their Canvas course rosters for Fall 2014. This includes removing students who have dropped and students who have withdrawn.

Please verify your roster(s) in WebAdvisor. Follow the link below and complete the form (your email, course information, list of students to remove). You will need to complete the form for each course you are teaching. After submitting the form, you will be provided the link to complete another.

Click on this link to manage a course roster:

Please note that:

  1. Web Advisor contains the most up-to-date information about your course rosters.
  2. Removing a student from your Canvas course roster does NOT officially remove them from the course, only from Canvas. Students wishing to withdraw from a class need to follow official College procedures.


Sample syllabus language for Canvas
Canvas can be used for a variety of course activities and for a variety of different types of communication. As with any other tool, it will be important to communicate to students your expectation for how they will use Canvas in your course(s). The following is a sample statement about the use of Canvas that you can customize to reflect your specific course design, policies, and expectations and include in your syllabus.

In this course we will be using Canvas, the College’s learning management system, for [assignment submission, online discussions, quizzes, distributing readings and other materials, feedback on assignments, appointment sign-ups]. Canvas can be a powerful tool for supporting our work in this course, but, as with any tool, it will only be effective if we use it effectively. As a part of being an active participant in the course, students are expected to log in to Canvas at least once a [day/week] to [keep up with discussions, view assignment feedback, read and respond to messages]. In addition, I will use Canvas announcements to inform students of important course information, including [changes to assignments, class cancellations, distributing important documents]. I will also use Canvas messages to communicate with individuals or groups of students and students will receive assignment feedback in Canvas. To ensure that important communications are received in a timely manner, students are responsible for setting their notification preferences in Canvas to be notified immediately of new announcements and new conversation messages and to be notified [daily/immediately] of assignment submission comments. Students are also responsible for regularly checking their email or other means by which they elect to receive Canvas notifications. Instructions for setting your Canvas notification preferences can be found at:

Bb-to-Canvas Update

On July 31st, CELT sent an email to all faculty scheduled to teach using Canvas letting them know that fall courses were available, where to find the Canvas workshop schedule, and where to find additional support resources.

The information in the email is below:


Canvas Logo

Welcome to Canvas, Keene State’s new learning management system!

The Canvas login can be accessed from the blue footer on the home page.


Your courses are now available!
Your fall 2014 courses have been created and are available. Please login to Canvas and verify that your course list is accurate. [Please note that class rosters will not be posted until the week before the semester begins.] At this time you will find more courses listed than you are scheduled to teach as well as a practice course for those who participated in a Canvas workshop. As the courses have been created, a separate section has been created for the Continuing Education (CE) section of your course.

Identifying courses
To distinguish between courses in your courses list, hover your mouse over the title. The full course ID will appear. If you see a course with a “C” in the course id (INGEOL-110-03C-FA14), please do not use it! You can use the ‘customize’ link to hide/unhide courses in your list. It is recommended that you hide all the CE sections.


If you’re enrolled in a course you’re not scheduled to teach or if a course is missing let us know as soon as possible.

Canvas workshops
CELT is offering a variety of workshops throughout the fall semester and beyond to introduce Canvas and to learn more about its rich feature set.  We recommend you begin with Introduction to Canvas; in this workshop you’ll be given a practice course to experiment with or use to begin developing a future course offering.

You can also check out Getting to Know Canvas , an open Canvas course containing resource material that should help to answer some questions, particularly during evenings and weekends.

Here is the link to the workshop schedule and signup. Workshops will continue to be added to the calendar throughout the semester and into next year, so be sure to check back often –

Canvas Support
We’re also offering Canvas Study Hall sessions to provide you with a place to enhance your Canvas courses with a Canvas “expert” present to help with questions that arise.

If you have any questions we are recommending that you email either or contact the HelpDesk at 358-2532 or