Sample syllabus language for Canvas
Canvas can be used for a variety of course activities and for a variety of different types of communication. As with any other tool, it will be important to communicate to students your expectation for how they will use Canvas in your course(s). The following is a sample statement about the use of Canvas that you can customize to reflect your specific course design, policies, and expectations and include in your syllabus.

In this course we will be using Canvas, the College’s learning management system, for [assignment submission, online discussions, quizzes, distributing readings and other materials, feedback on assignments, appointment sign-ups]. Canvas can be a powerful tool for supporting our work in this course, but, as with any tool, it will only be effective if we use it effectively. As a part of being an active participant in the course, students are expected to log in to Canvas at least once a [day/week] to [keep up with discussions, view assignment feedback, read and respond to messages]. In addition, I will use Canvas announcements to inform students of important course information, including [changes to assignments, class cancellations, distributing important documents]. I will also use Canvas messages to communicate with individuals or groups of students and students will receive assignment feedback in Canvas. To ensure that important communications are received in a timely manner, students are responsible for setting their notification preferences in Canvas to be notified immediately of new announcements and new conversation messages and to be notified [daily/immediately] of assignment submission comments. Students are also responsible for regularly checking their email or other means by which they elect to receive Canvas notifications. Instructions for setting your Canvas notification preferences can be found at: