Bb-to-Canvas Update

As of Thursday, July 10th, 61.6% of the faculty scheduled to migrate to Canvas this fall have taken an Introduction to Canvas workshop or have used Canvas previously. This is up 11.6% from June 9th!

CELT has invited department and school administrative assistants to attend a session designed to provide a basic orientation to the Canvas environment. It should be noted that this workshop is not designed to teach AA’s how to use Canvas but rather it is designed to make them aware of the tools available for instructors and students and where end-users can find support.Sessions begin 7/11 and continue through the end of July. Please contact Susie Ericson-West for more information about the administrative assistant session:

CELT has worked with the faculty and staff in the Mason Library to talk about the migration plan, provide an orientation to the Canvas environment and facilitate a 7 task skill assessment in the evolving “Canvas Learning Center” course. This course will be used to help student workers understand Canvas basics.