Bb-to-Canvas Update

Frequently Asked Questions about Canvas:

The CELT staff have put together a list of frequently asked questions about Canvas, faculty and student support, the course creation process and everything in between. If you have a question that is not on this list, let us know and we’ll do our best to answer it. We might even include it on this FAQ list.

Q: How long will I have access to Blackboard?
A: You will have access to Bb and all of your course materials until the end of May 2015. However, we recommend you save materials such as Word documents, Powerpoints and PFD files to your “P” drive. Alternatively, you can export the entire Bb course as a zip file and re-import it into Canvas. Both come with pros and cons and it really depends on you.

Q: Can you customize the course navigation menu like you can in Blackboard?
A: Canvas directs course organization away from the navigation menu to the modules area. Here, faculty can organize the course sequence in a way that best fits their course and their teaching style. So the answer to this question is no.

Q: Does Canvas have an email tool?
A: Yes, though Canvas refers to it as the “inbox” or “conversations”. Faculty can message individual students or the entire class. Messages will be delivered to students via their preferred method of communication which includes their KSC email, alternate email, and text messaging. 

Q: How are students being supported with Canvas?
A: Students will have several ways to learn about Canvas including: student orientation leaders will be made aware of Canvas and some of the basic things that trip up students; Help Desk student technicians will participate in a Canvas training session and these same students will be in the residence halls during move-in day(s) should there be questions about Canvas; Mason Library students and staff who work at the Information Desk will be able to support some of the Canvas basics.
The online documentation created by Canvas are a great resource and are updated regularly. Of course CELT recommends instructors give a brief orientation to their course so that students know what to expect and where to find materials.

Q: I’m teaching a 100 level course and 2, 300 level courses. Do I use both Canvas and Blackboard?
A: No. If you are teaching a 100 or a 600 level course then all of your courses will be on Canvas. Here are the *criteria for fall 2014 Canvas use: .
* also included in the fall migration are faculty new to KSC.

Q: Is there a way to manage content in the course so it is not visible to students?
A: Yes, the “publish”, “unpublish” button allows instructors to work on their course away from student view. Once the instructor is ready they click in the gray “publish” button. Once published the button is green. There is no global “publish” button other then publishing the course.

Q: Can I drop the lowest grade on an assignment or a quiz?
A: Yes, you can. For individual quizzes you can ‘allow multiple attempts’ / ‘quiz score to keep’ <lowest or highest>. If you weight your grades, you would create an assignment group where you can create grading rules including ‘drop lowest scores for each student’.
Documentation can be found on the Canvas guides site: