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Residence Hall Security

Safety and security issues are of utmost importance to Residential Life staff members. All staff undergo a thorough training program relative to developmental needs of students, security policies, policy enforcement, and issues related to overall safety.

Night attendants are assigned to the main desk of each of the traditional halls. A Residential Life on-call schedule exists 24 hours a day. In addition to routine campus security, a Campus Safety Officer performs regular evening and late night rounds through the residential environments. All residence hall entrance doors are locked 24 hours a day. Individual room doors should be locked whether the room is occupied or unoccupied. Keys and combinations should be kept secure and not shared with others.

Students are expected to carry their identification cards with them at all times, as they must produce their KSC ID on request. Both on and off campus visitors must be escorted through the residence hall area by a student host. Overnight guests in a given room must be registered by completing an overnight guest pass.


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