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Parking and Motor Vehicles Policies

  • Introduction

    Parking and operating a motor vehicle on the Keene State College Campus is a privilege. All vehicles on the Keene State College campus must be registered with the Parking Office and display a valid parking permit or pass on the vehicle. Vehicle registrants and operators must comply with all policies regarding registration, parking, and operation of vehicles as published in the Campus Parking and Motor Vehicle Policies brochure.

    Because there is limited available parking, registered vehicles are not guaranteed a space. Parking is on a "first-come, first-served" basis.

    It is the responsibility of all Community Members and visitors to park in lined spaces in the appropriately designated lots. Vehicles found in violation of these policies may be ticketed, booted or towed. Vehicle registrants are responsible for all fines and fees associated with policy enforcement.

  • Vehicle Registration

    All vehicles, including motorcycles (or any motorized vehicle), operating on campus must be registered no later than the first week of classes each semester.

  • Apply for parking permits

  • Faculty/Staff and Contract Services Parking

    Faculty/staff parking permits (hang tags only) are available for any Keene State College full-time or part-time faculty, staff member, or contract services personnel. Full-time students hired as ancillary KSC employees must work a minimum of 20 hours per week for the duration of the academic year in order to obtain a faculty/staff permit. The supervisor/director of the student's employing department must provide written confirmation that the student is employed by that department for the hours required. The supervisor/director of the student's employing department must notify the Parking Office if the student employee terminates his/her employment status. The Director of Campus Safety and/or his/her designee reserve the right to deny or revoke this privilege.

    Dependents of faculty, staff, or contract services personnel are not permitted to park using this permit. Permits may not be transferred, sold or lent to another individual and are only valid when used by the registered faculty, staff, or contract services personnel.

    Faculty, staff, and contract services personnel are limited to one permit per academic year which can be moved from vehicle to vehicle, however all vehicles must be registered through The Permit Store to avoid ticketing.

    The KSC faculty/staff lots are available from 4:00 p.m. to midnight, Monday through Friday, for use by any vehicle displaying a current KSC commuter parking permit. These lots are also available for overnight parking from 4:00 p.m. Friday through midnight Sunday. No decal or permit is needed during these times.

  • Resident Director Parking

    RD parking spaces are designated for Residence Directors and/or professional staff designated by the Director of Residence Life as professional live-in staff. ARAs, RAs or other non-professional live-in staff are not eligible to park in these spaces. In conjunction with the Director of Campus Safety, the Director of Residence Life may make exceptions based on extenuating and mitigating circumstances.

    Faculty, staff, and contract services personnel who need to park on campus after midnight should contact the Parking Office during normal business hours by calling 358-2227. After hours, please call the Department of Campus Safety Dispatch Center at 358-2228.

  • Resident Students

    Resident students are those who live in campus housing during the semester. All Resident students are eligible to purchase a permit to park in a Keene State College parking lot. Students are permitted to purchase decals on-line based on number of credit hours completed, beginning with students with 90 or more credits. Incoming first year students are allowed to purchase parking permits. There are a limited number of permits reserved for this purpose. ALL permits are sold online on a first come, first served basis.

    These permits are valid anytime the residence halls are open from the first day of class to the specified expiration date. Vehicles with resident student permits may only park in the areas designated.

  • Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) Parking

    Some spaces on campus have been designated for parking of low emission vehicles (LEV). For campus purposes, LEVs are low-emission or fuel efficient vehicles that emit relatively low levels of motor vehicle emissions. There are currently over a thousand vehicles that qualify as LEV. For a list of vehicles, go to and click on NEW! LEED MY 2000–2012 Low Emission Vehicles. The availability of these spaces contributes to Keene State’s ability to qualify for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits and certification when buildings are constructed or renovated. Additional information about LEVs is available at:

    Faculty, staff, and contract services personnel who need to park on campus after midnight should contact the Parking Office during normal business hours by calling 358-2227. After hours, please call the Department of Campus Safety Dispatch Center at 358-2228.

  • Permit Placement on Vehicles

    Student sticker permits are applied from INSIDE the vehicle. They should be placed on the passenger side window (NOT WINDSHIELD). On the RIGHT side of the window, near the lock - typically, this will be above most door handles.

    Hangtags should be suspended from the rearview mirror.

  • Evening – Weekend – Breaks

    • Weekday Evening Parking

      The KSC faculty and staff lots (FS) and the campus commuter lots (CC) are available from 4p.m. to midnight, Monday through Thursday, for use by vehicles:

      • Displaying a current KSC faculty/staff or commuter student parking permit.
      • Public vehicles coming to campus for an evening event.
    • Parking outside of these designated times may result in ticketing and/or towing. Vehicles with any Resident student permits are NOT permitted to park in these lots during this time and should remain in the lots in which their permits designate 24/7, Monday – Thursday.

    • Weekend Parking

      The Keene State College faculty and staff lots (FS) and commuter lots (CC) are available for overnight parking from 4:00 p.m. Friday through midnight Sunday. No decal or permit is needed during these times.

      Visitor Parking prohibited. Vehicles with proper permits only:

      • Owls Nest
      • Pondside 2
      • Pondside 3

    • Parking for Break Periods

      Parking lots designated for student use are closed during break periods. Students living on campus over a scheduled break period and students traveling on College sponsored trips should contact the Parking Office to obtain a parking pass and receive instructions on where to park.

      The college reserves the right to close campus lots during certain times of the year to accommodate parking for campus events and will provide notice via the MyKSC web portal and campus e-mail for faculty and staff. Vehicles parked on campus during these restricted times are subject to ticking and towing.

  • Visitor Parking Information

    To make sure you park safely and without violating campus parking polices, please follow these rules:

    All visitors must show picture ID to obtain a temporary parking pass. Any outstanding parking fines incurred previously by a visitor must be paid before a permit is issued. Unpaid fines will be the responsibility of the host.

    When do I need a parking pass & when is it ok to park WITHOUT a parking pass?


      • Weekday DAYTIME Only Visitors
      • Park in the Visitors Lot adjoining Campus Safety from 6am – 2am ONLY
      • MUST check in to get approval!
    • Weeknight OVERNIGHT Visitors

      • Visitor & Student host must come to the Parking Office together, with ID’s to secure a parking pass
      • Parking will be in the Winchester St. lot ONLY
      • ResLife & Parking Office policies expected to be follow at all times during visit!

      • Weekend Parking
      • Parking WITHOUT a pass is available on the weekends per this policy:
      • 4:00 pm Fridays – 12 midnight on Sundays. Parking available without a pass in the following lots:
      • Faculty/Staff (FS)
      • Commuter (CC)
      • Winchester St. Lot
    • Parking in OWL’S NEST, P2 & P3 lots is PROHIBITED AT ALL TIMES!

    • Temporary Permits

      Temporary permits are available during normal business hours from the Parking Office. After hours, contact the Department of Campus Safety at 358-2228. Temporary permits are issued based on lot capacity and expected usage. The Parking Office and Campus Safety reserve the right to deny temporary permits.

      • Alternate vehicle

        Temporary permits are available for temporary or alternate vehicles for a short period of time if the operator has a valid permit for the regular vehicle. These permits are free of charge.
      • Short term needs

        Temporary permits are available for vehicles that do not have regular permits.
        • The fee for temporary permits is: $20/week or $5/night.
        • First year students are permitted to purchase temporary permits for a maximum of 4 weeks total per semester. Requests for additional permits are granted at the discretion of the Parking Office.

      The dated temporary permit must be clearly displayed through the front windshield on the dashboard facing up.

    • Parking for People with Disabilities

      Vehicles using spaces designated as "Handicapped" and displaying the Image: Handicapped icon symbol must display a state issued HP license plate or placard or a disabled veteran's plate and a valid KSC parking permit.

      In compliance with RSA 265:74, Image: Handicapped icon KSC permits are available at no cost from the Parking Office with appropriate documentation. These vehicles may park in any available legal parking space on campus.

      The Parking Office does not issue short-term or long-term disabled permits under any circumstances. Contact your state's department of motor vehicles for additional information. Unauthorized use of a handicapped or disabled plate or placard by another individual is subject to ticketing and/or towing and referral to the Student Conduct Office, dean/department head or state motor vehicles office.

    • Overnight Parking

      Any vehicle parked on campus between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. will be considered as parked overnight. Overnight parking is only allowed with the appropriate permit and in designated lots.

    • Unloading/Loading

      A number of spaces across campus have been designated as loading/unloading zones in which vehicles may park for a maximum of 15 minutes while actively loading/unloading with the flashers on. Vehicles left longer than 15 minutes will be ticketed and/or towed.

    • Summer Parking

      All vehicles parked on campus require a valid summer permit or pass beginning the first day of the summer term. Summer permits are available over the counter at the Parking Office. Vehicles must be parked in the lot for which they are permitted. All campus parking policies are in effect during summer term.

    • What to do when…

      • Vehicle Breakdowns

        If you are parked in a KSC lot and experience car trouble contact Campus Safety at 358-2228 and an officer will be dispatched.

        The Department provides jump-starts and can also provide telephone numbers for local garages and locksmiths.

        If the vehicle still cannot be moved, contact the Parking Office at 358-2227 (during normal business hours) or Campus Safety to request a temporary permit for the disabled vehicle. Campus Safety is open 24 hours a day. The Department of Campus Safety reserves the right to refuse this courtesy for cause.

      • Abandoned Vehicles

        Vehicles that are unregistered and/or have no license plate will be considered abandoned after 72 hours and will be towed. All costs associated with the tow including storage fees are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

      • Lost/Stolen Permits

        Lost and/or stolen permits should be reported to the Parking Office as soon as possible and an incident report filed. The permit registrant may responsible for all fees associated with replacement of lost and/or stolen permits and parking violations issued and associated with that permit prior to the loss/theft report.

      • Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs

        Vehicle maintenance and repairs are not permitted in campus parking lots with the exception of licensed businesses performing windshield replacement, tire changing or repairs, or jumpstarts.

        Individuals conducting repairs on personal vehicles on the premises may be referred for disciplinary action. Additionally, individuals improperly disposing of hazardous materials (oil, power steering fluid, antifreeze,batteries, etc.) will be reported to the Department of Environmental Protection.

      • Replacement or New Vehicles

        If the registered vehicle is sold or otherwise disposed of, and another vehicle is to be used, vehicle information must be updated at prior to returning to campus with the new or replacement vehicle.

        The vehicle must display a valid permit. If the replacement is temporary, please contact the Parking Office at 358-2227.

      • Replacement Permit

        If a permit is destroyed as a result of an accident or no longer adheres to the vehicle window, contact the Parking Office or Campus Safety.

        A replacement permit will be issued for the small replacement fee of $4.95 if one of the following pieces of documentation is submitted to the Parking Office:

        • Previous valid permit (whole or in pieces)
        • Copy of the bill of sale for the previous vehicle, noting make and model
        • Copy of receipt for window replacement
        • Copy of police report of motor vehicle accident or theft
    • Violations

      Vehicles parked in violation of campus parking and motor vehicle policies may be ticketed, immobilized and/or towed.

      Vehicles parked in violation may be ticketed every 4 hours until the vehicle is moved, immobilized or towed.

      Unauthorized vehicles parked in spaces reserved for people with disabilities, fire lanes, travel lanes, tow zones or pedestrian walkways will be ticketed and towed immediately to the full extent of the law.

      Any vehicle left unattended for more than 5 minutes while idling will be cited in compliance with RSA 125-C:4, I(a) and RSA 125-C:6, XII (Env-A 1101.10).

      A fine may be levied for each parking violation. All fines that are more than 30 days late will be assessed a $10 late fee.

      The college reserves the right to place a financial "hold" on student accounts for unpaid parking violations. Late unpaid fees may be transferred to a collection agency. Individuals or individuals attempting to register a vehicle with unpaid parking fines will not be permitted to register a vehicle on campus or obtain a parking pass until all fines are paid. Vehicles with outstanding fees, regardless of the registrant, cannot be registered. The Director of Campus Safety or his/her designee, reserves the right to deny or revoke parking privileges for any individual or vehicle for cause.


      List of violations

    • Frequent Violators

      An Individual whose vehicle has been issued three or more parking tickets, paid or unpaid, in the previous 12-month period is considered a chronic violator.

      Frequent violators will be ticketed and towed whenever their vehicles are found in violation of parking policy. Continued violations may result in the revocation of future KSC parking privileges.

      Payment of a parking violation does not remove the offense from your record. Total violations include all tickets paid and unpaid.

    • Violations Issued to the Guest(s) of Students

      Unpaid tickets that have been issued to vehicles operated by guests of students are the responsibility of the student host. A hold will be placed on the host student's account for any unpaid fines. A financial hold may prevent the student from: registering for courses, receiving transcripts, diplomas and parking permits. Please contact the Parking Office if a hold has been placed on your account.

    • Towing/Booting

      Towed vehicles will be removed from campus to the property of the tow company. The vehicle operator is responsible for any fees, storage or drop charges associated with the tow which are payable directly to the tow company. A drop fee is charged by the tow company when a vehicle has already been hooked to the tow truck.

      Vehicles may be immobilized (booted) for excessive paid or unpaid violations and may be towed from campus after 24 hours if not claimed by the vehicle operator.

      Fines associated with the KSC violation should be made via the permit store as directed on the violation.

      Any vehicle observed to be in violation of the following may be immediately towed or immobilized (booted):

      • Parking in or blocking a space reserved for people with disabilities without the proper plate or placard
      • Blocking a fire lane or fire hydrant
      • Parking in a manner that presents a danger to life or property
      • Blocking a roadway, pedestrian walkway or ramp for people with disabilities
      • Parking on a pedestrian walkway or vehicle travel lane
      • Recipient of excessive parking tickets (three or more) who is in violation.

      To Release A Booted Vehicle

      To have a boot removed, the vehicle operator must pay all outstanding violations by logging onto the permit store. Once all violations have been paid, the operator must provide positive identification to Campus Safety prior to boot removal. A boot removal fee will be added to the cost of the parking violation via iParq.

    • Fraudulent Permit

      Any permit that has been altered, copied or otherwise falsified will be considered to be fraudulent. Fraudulent permit use warrants immediate towing of the vehicle off the premises. Incidents involving students will be referred to the Student Conduct system for a hearing. Incidents involving faculty, staff or contracted vendors will be referred to the responsible department or division manager. Incidents involving non-affiliated individuals will result in immediate revocation of parking privileges for a period of not more than one calendar year from the date of the incident. Keene State College reserves the right to contact Keene Police to file a report for theft of services and/or to require reimbursement for unauthorized parking services utilized. Vehicles will not be permitted back on campus until the incident has been resolved and parking privileges reinstated.

    • Payment

      To pay citations please go to the permit store.

    • Appeals

      You have the right to appeal any parking violation. Appeals must be filed online within 10 days of the issue date of the ticket. Appeals submitted after the appeal period will not be accepted and all violations and fines will stand "as is". The Parking Appeals Board meets weekly during the semester to review parking appeals.

      In order to expedite appeals during semester breaks, summer sessions, extended vacation breaks, and/or other times deemed appropriate by the Director of the Department of Campus Safety, the Department of Campus Safety reserves the right to have appeals heard by either the Director of the Department of Campus Safety, the Assistant Director of the Department of Campus Safety, and/ or the Parking Services Manager.

      To Appeal a Citation:

      Log on to the permit store within 10 days of the issue date on the ticket and complete the online form..

      The appeal will be submitted to the Parking Appeals Board for review. The board will either approve or deny the appeal. If the appeal is denied, the Board may or may not recommend a fine reduction. The appeal outcome will be e-mailed directly to the e-mail address provided by the appellant within three business days of the Appeals Board's decision. Appeals that are denied or reduced must be paid within 10 days of the notification of the Board's decision.

      If denied, a second written appeal can be submitted to the Parking Office via for additional review however the ticket must still be paid within the 10-day period.

      Basis for Appeal

      Granting of an appeal will be based solely on the circumstances present at the time the ticket was issued. Reasons for appealing such as "I was there for just a few minutes", "I was late for class", or "My RA/friend told me I could park there", among others, are not acceptable as a valid reason for appeal.

      If you are interested in becoming a member of the Parking and Traffic Appeals Board or would like to recommend someone, please contact the Parking Office for an application and list of qualifications.

    • Refunds

      Parking permits may be returned to the Parking Office to apply for a pro-rated refund, according to the following schedule. PLEASE NOTE - ALL REFUNDS ARE CHARGED A $10 REFUND FEE. THIS IS CHARGED TO THE COLLEGE BY THE PERMIT VENDOR.

      • 100% before the first day of the semester (minus the $10 refund fee)
      • within 7 calendar days after the date classes begin (minus the $10 refund fee)
      • between 8 days after the date classes begin until January 31 (minus the $10 refund fee)
      • for semester permits - no refund beyond 30 days after the date classes begin

      A student who is suspended or dismissed forfeits his/her right to any refund.

      To apply for a refund, bring the permit to the Parking Office. Any approved refunds will be posted directly to the credit card on file or the student will be reimbursed by check. Shipping and handling fee will not be refunded.

    • Safety Tips

      • Always lock your vehicle, even if you plan to be away from it for only a few moments.
      • When you park your car, do not leave valuables in plain sight.
      • If you will be returning to your vehicle after dark, try to park under a light or close to a building.
      • When driving, keep your doors locked
      • If you believe that you are being followed, do not drive to your parking area, instead drive to a place where there are many people and call the local authorities.
      • Report all unusual circumstance to the Department of Campus Safety or the Keene Police Department immediately.
    • Advertising in Lots

      Placing handbills, flyers or other advertisements on vehicles in Keene State College Lots is expressly prohibited. Advertising and posting policies.

    • Snow & Emergency Parking

      During Storm Events

      • Grounds will begin snow removal as early as possible. The Grounds supervisor may delay snow removal if staff safety is compromised by the weather conditions.
      • Grounds' primary focus is snow removal from campus roadways, parking lot travel lanes and campus walkways. Grounds staff is not responsible for shoveling out individual vehicles or parking spaces.
      • Grounds will plow snow to predetermined areas in an effort to minimize the impact snow storage will have on the availability of campus parking and pedestrian travel.
      • Snow removal on city streets and sidewalks is the responsibility of the City of Keene Department of Public Works (352-6550).

      Snow Clean Up and Removal

      • Snow clean up and removal is generally conducted during weekends however, Grounds reserves the right to conduct these operations at other times when circumstances dictate.
      • During the week prior to snow clean up operations, Grounds will provide a snow removal plan to Campus Safety and Parking to include which lots will be plowed and the approximate days and times plowing will begin and end.
      • Campus Safety/Parking will notify the campus community which lots are scheduled for snow removal, the approximate time frames for which the lots will be closed, and which lots will be available for alternate parking. Notification will be made via the following means:
        • Posted announcement on the MyKSC site
        • E-mail to students via KSC Mailcruiser accounts
        • E-mail to faculty and staff members via the campus global address list (GAL)
        • Posted notice at the Parking Office and Campus Safety
        • Notification sent to Residential Life Staff
      • Notification will occur no less than 12 hours prior to scheduled snow removal operations. For example, if snow removal will begin on Saturday morning at 7:00 am, the notification will go out no later than 7:00 pm on Friday.
      • Campus Safety will put up barricades or cones at the entrance(s) to the lots scheduled for snow removal operations.
      • Approximately 2 hours prior to scheduled snow removal operations, Campus Safety officers will begin ticketing vehicles remaining in lot(s) scheduled for snow removal operations. Campus Safety will not contact vehicle owners individually to have vehicles moved.
      • Approximately 1 hour prior to scheduled snow removal operations, Campus Safety officers will begin towing vehicles remaining in the lot(s) scheduled for snow removal operations. All vehicles will be towed off campus and the vehicle operator/owner will be responsible for ticketing/towing charges.
      • Once snow removal operations have been completed, the lot will be re-opened for parking in accordance with campus policies.
    • Parking Availability

      Purchase and possession of a permit does not guarantee parking will be available at all times. Please plan ahead when coming to campus to ensure you have enough time to find parking. The Winchester St. lot is the overflow lot for all permits.

    • Notice

      Owners of vehicles parked on Keene State College property do so at their own risk. Keene State College is not responsible or liable for theft, fire, vandalism, or any other damages that might occur while parked on College property.

      Please contact the Parking Office at 358-2227 with any questions.


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