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Parking For Faculty and Staff

  • Before You Apply

  • Eligibility

    • Faculty/staff parking permits (hang tags only) are available for any Keene State College full-time or part-time faculty, staff member, or contract services personnel.
  • Student Ancillary Employees

    • Full-time students hired as ancillary KSC employees or employees of campus contracted services (Sodexo or UGL/Unnico) must work a minimum of 30 regularly scheduled hours per business week for the duration of the academic year in order to obtain a faculty/staff permit. Students working the majority of their hours during weekends do not qualify. The supervisor/director of the student's employing department must provide written confirmation that the student is employed by that department for the hours required. The supervisor/director of the student's employing department must notify the Parking Office if the student employee terminates his/her employment status. The Director of Campus Safety and/or his/her designee reserve the right to deny or revoke this privilege.

  • Dependents

    • Dependents of faculty, staff, or contract services personnel are not permitted to park using this permit. Permits may not be transferred, sold or lent to another individual and are only valid when used by the registered faculty, staff, or contract services personnel on vehicles registered through iParq.

  • One Permit

    • Faculty, staff, and contract services personnel are limited to one permit per academic year which can be moved from vehicle to vehicle, however all vehicles must be registered through The Permit Store to avoid ticketing.

  • Parking Lot Hours

    • The KSC faculty/staff lots are available from 4:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., Monday through Friday, for use by any vehicle displaying a current KSC commuter parking permit. These lots are also available for overnight parking from 4:00 p.m. Friday through midnight Sunday. No decal or permit is needed during these times.

      Faculty, staff, and contract services personnel who need to park on campus after midnight should contact the Parking Office during normal business hours by calling 358-2227. After hours, please call the Department of Campus Safety Dispatch Center at 358-2228.

  • Resident Director Parking

    • RD parking spaces are designated for Residence Directors and/or professional staff designated by the Director of Residence Life as professional live-in staff. ARAs, RAs or other non-professional live-in staff are not eligible to park in these spaces. In conjunction with the Director of Campus Safety, the Director of Residence Life may make exceptions based on extenuating and mitigating circumstances.

  • Denial of Parking Privileges

    • Keene State reserves the right to deny parking privileges to students/vehicles with unpaid parking violations, those who have accumulated an excessive number of tickets (5 or more) and/or individuals not meeting the criteria to qualify for a specific permit. These students may appeal, in writing, to the Director of Campus Safety. E-mail:


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