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How You Can Help

Officers are on foot or in patrol vehicles 24 hours a day, but they cannot cover every room of every building. For the most effective security, all members of the College community must be security conscious.

If you witness a crime or suspicious incident, dial 603-358-2228 immediately and be prepared to provide as much of the following information as possible:

  • Persons involved - names, sex, age, height, weight, clothing and any distinguishing characteristics such as facial scars, hairstyle
  • Method and direction of travel
  • Motor vehicle registration, make, color, identifying features
  • Description of stolen property
  • Any other details which may help

By following the suggestions below, you can help Campus Safety efforts:

  1. Be alert and observant. If you see someone behaving suspiciously or tampering with property, call 603-358-2228.
  2. Report any locks, windows, doors, or lights in need of repair.
  3. Report all crimes. The Keene Police cannot solve crimes that go unreported.


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