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Event Parking Request

The Parking Event Request Form is meant for two purposes:

1) Pre-arranged parking for all on-campus events
2) Pre-arranged parking for guests who's needs are outside of using the Visitor's Lot

*All guests and Visitor's are welcome to just use the Visitor's lot without telling us why. All they have to do is park, walk in and provide their plate #'s and then be on their way.


Please submit this form 2 weeks prior to your event. Upon submission we will respond with a parking plan within two business days. Questions? Contact the Parking Office:603-358-2227

Contact Information
* 1 Sponsoring Organization or Department
* 2 Lead Organizer's Name
* 3 Lead Organizer's E-Mail
* 4 Lead Organizer's Phone Number
Example: 603-555-1212
* 5 Is the lead organizer going to be at the event?
Yes No

*If no, please list the lead contact for the day of the event. We need their full name and best contact number on that day. This is VERY important! Thank you.

Event Information
* 6 Event Title
* 7 Location – Building
* 8 Location – Room
* 9 DateExample: 01/23/2010
Please note: if this is a multiple day event, use this field to enter your start date.

* 10 Start TimeExample: 4:15
a.m. p.m.
* 11 End TimeExample: 9:00
a.m. p.m.
   12 End Date – only enter if this is a multiple day event.
Example: 01/23/2010

Audience Information
* 13 Expected KSC attendance:
* 14 Expected public attendance:
* 15 Will you be able to distribute a parking permit to the attendees? If not, how do you plan on communicating parking instructions?
Yes No
* 16 Expected total attendance:
Parking Information
There is no guarantee that your event attendees will be able to park in the lot closest to the event venue however please indicate your preferred locations.
   17 First Preferred Parking Area:
   18 Second Preferred Parking Area:
   19 Third Preferred Parking Area:
   20 Please indicate any special needs, instructions or any other information that will help us arrange the best parking situation for this event. This includes things like Handicap parking needs, bus/van transport, Loading/Unloading needs, etc.:


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