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  • 24 Hour Dispatch and Visitor Information

    …the only 24-hour office on campus, 603-358-2228.
  • Blue Light Phones

    … installed around campus for emergency or other assistance.
  • Emergency Notification

    … manage the College's emergency notification systems (ENS which includes siren and text/phone/e-mail notifications when necessary. More information.
  • Shuttle

    … provide transportation to KSC students with ID around the immediate college area, free of charge.
  • Dead battery?

    …jumpstarts on campus for disabled vehicles.
  • Escorts for personal safety

    …provided to students, faculty, staff, and visitors around campus 24 hours a day.
  • Bicycles – security, safety

    …they're expensive and portable: learn how to protect your assets. More information.


  • Alcohol 101 & Alcohol Awareness

    …educates students on issues related to alcohol and safety; impairment simulation using "Beer Goggles".
  • CSI: Keene

    …the Campus Safety Interactive program pairs Campus Safety Officers with campus groups to bring the officers into closer contact with the campus community in a positive, service-oriented way.
  • Cyber-crime/Cyber-safety

    …learn how to stay safe in the viral world and how to check your online reputation.
  • Defensive Driving

    …a 3-hour driver safety class presented several times each semester.


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