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Bike Registration and Protection

To help deter bicycle thefts and to aid in identifying lost or stolen bicycles, all members of the College community are encouraged to register their bikes. This can be done anytime at the Department of Campus Safety, Keddy House. There are several steps to take to protect yourself against bicycle theft:

  1. Always lock your bicycle.
  2. Use a case-hardened steel chain with links at least 5/8" in diameter and a good strong padlock. Most bicycles stolen at Keene State are locked, but only with inexpensive chains or rubber bicycle locks, which can be cut with wire cutters. The Department of Campus Safety can supply you with a list of hardware stores in the area which sell effective bicycle locks.
  3. Lock the bike around the frame, through both wheels, and to a bike rack. When possible, keep the bike indoors.
  4. Check to see if your bike is covered under any insurance policies held by yourself or your parents. If not, get it insured.

Bike Registration Form [PDF]


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