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Media Arts Center

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The Film Studies, Graphic Design, Communication, and Journalism Departments are now housed in a building renovated specifically to nourish creative interaction between these disciplines.

The $3.3 million project rehabbed the 27,500 square feet of open space created when the old dining hall was gutted. The Burt Hill, Inc., design team emphasized open community spaces and a techy look that includes open ceilings, brightly colored panels alternating with black support beams, lots of glass, and an entry with plasma TVs and data projection displays of student work.

Film editing labs, a fully equipped television production studio, temperature-controlled film archives, and state-of-the-art writing and graphic design facilities are shared by all three programs. Students have been involved in all stages – providing input on furniture, designing the departmental logos that hang as banners on the building, and creating the art displayed on panels and projected by gobo lights in the entryway. 

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