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Campus Commission for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness

Commission Vision:

The programs of Keene State College are governed by the principles of equal opportunity, just treatment, and respect for all people.

Commission Mission:

To work for equality by increasing awareness of issues pertaining to historically marginalized groups, challenging stereotypes, eradicating systemic inequalities and oppression, and creating a campus climate of respect for all. To address issues related to the multiple dimensions of diversity including but not limited to gender equity and gender expression, age, class, culture, differing physical and learning abilities, ethnicity, race, religion, and sexual orientation. To promote a campus environment in which differences between people are recognized, understood, and accepted in all areas of academic and community life. To serve as an advocate and catalyst for continuing learning and growth in the understanding of diversity so that students, staff and faculty are engaged participants in an increasingly diverse world.

I serve on the Commission because I think a diverse, inclusive, welcoming community benefits us all.
– Lucy Webb, CCDEI Students/Campus Climate Working Group Co-Chair

Commission Leadership:

The new leadership team is composed of three members of our community:

Hersch Rothmel, Student Co-Chair
Kristin Sweeney, Staff Co-Chair
Karen Jennings, Faculty Co-Chair

The Commission is soliciting applications for membership from the campus community. KSC students are especially invited to apply along with staff (OS, PAT and complementary) and faculty (adjunct, tenure-track, and tenured).

Commission for Diversity Events

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