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Travel Advances

Employees traveling on official USNH business may receive a cash advance to cover reasonable business expenses. Advances are not generally granted for airline tickets, lodging, or conference fees. Exceptions can be considered on a case by case basis. Advances are to be used for incidental business expenses that cannot readily, or most economically, be paid using a USNH issued Purchasing Card. Examples of these types of expenses include taxi cabs, parking, and some meals.

Travel Advance form includes the following:

  • name of the traveler
  • position/title
  • department
  • phone number
  • depart date
  • USNH ID#
  • return date
  • destination
  • business purpose of travel
  • itemized listing of expenses totaling the amount of the request
  • FOAPAL Information
  • approval from department head
  • approval from vice president/provost is required for foreign travel

Within 10 business days of the end of the trip the employee should submit a completed Travel Expense Voucher to Accounts Payable. All receipts for expenses are to be included with the voucher according to USNH and campus policy and procedure. If the Travel Expense Voucher is not returned within 10 business days, reminders will be sent. Failure to submit a Travel Expense Voucher after repeated requests may result in a payroll deduction for the entire amount of the advance. With some exceptions, employees with outstanding advances are not eligible to receive additional advances. These exceptions are handled on a case by case basis.

Travelers are strongly encouraged to use their USNH issued Purchasing Card or a personal bank charge card to reduce the need for cash advances. When using either your Purchasing or personal cards you will need to obtain itemized receipts. Credit card statements are not acceptable forms of receipt.

Hotel bills, deposits to hold reservations, registration fees and similar expenses should be paid using a USNH issued Purchasing card or a personal charge card when possible.

Requests for advances must be approved by the responsible dean, director, or department head using the standard institutional form. Pre-departure expenses are not eligible to be paid using a Travel Advance.


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