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E-commerce is the process of using the internet to transact business. Also under the umbrella of e-commerce is the electronic settlement of funds via wire/ACH to a bank account.

KSC departments may find it necessary to collect funds via credit card or e-check for various events. If an event is held at KSC and registration and payment is required it may be feasible for the department to manage the event through the eVents Payment System. This payment vehicle allows KSC to accept credit cards and e-checks as a form of payment, and also serves as a registration tool. The set-up of an eVent is fairly simple and reporting can be managed easily by downloading information into an excel document. The funds collected through the eVents system are directed to the appropriate FOAPAL via a Banner feed. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of using the eVents System to manage one of your functions please contact Liane Wiley at 358-2475.

Often a department contracts with an outside vendor for services (transcript ordering, ticket purchases, etc). In these instances the vendor is collecting funds on behalf of KSC for a service provided or for goods purchased. The vendor must then transfer the monies collected to KSC on a pre-determined scheduled basis. This transfer of funds is usually transacted through an electronic funds transfer to a designated KSC-USNH bank account. In order for this transfer to occur banking information must be shared with the vendor. All requests for banking information must be handled by the Business Office. For information and assistance please contact Liane Wiley,, or MS #1603 or 358-2475.


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