The Keene State College Budget and Resource Council is co-chaired by Dr. Emile C. Netzhammer, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Paul Striffolino, Assistant Vice President Student Affairs appointed by the President, Dr. Helen Giles-Gee.


Ex Officio Membership

Academic Year 2010-2011 Members

Robert Baker (Continuing Education Director)
Zachary Beaver (student)
Barbara Charkey (Presidential Appointee)
Patrick Dolenc (KSCEA)
Kent Drake-Deese (Student Affairs)
Susan Ericson-West (OS Council)
Nona Fienberg (Dean Representation)
Michelle Fuller (Advancement Division)
John Halter (Budget Director)
Pat Hitchner (Notetaker)
Karen House (Associate Vice President for Finance)
Mary Jensen (Sustainability Council)
Kathleen Johnson (Presidential Appointee)
Larry McDonald (Senate)
Wendy Petschik (PAT Council)
John Ratliff (Presidential Appointee)