Welcome to the Budget and Resource Council website! The BRC is a committee comprised of members from various campus constituent groups which have been charged by the President to assist in budget related issues, cost containment efforts and the planning process. This website will serve as a means for:

During this academic year, the campus planning process is in a year of review and reflection in which the BRC has been busy reviewing its processes, gathering information on cost containment efforts from the Vice Presidents and exploring new ways of maximizing campus resources.

In addition to creating this website, this year's council has developed subcommittees to parse out other areas of work to be done. Please visit the subcommittee page to view the charges of each committee.

We welcome the opportunity for feedback and encourage you to contact one of our members.

Cost Containment Ideas for FY11/12

The President has charged the BRC to engage the campus community in another process to collect ideas on ways the college could save, reduce or otherwise contain costs. Please share your ideas here.

KSC Advocates

Please visit Keene State's Grassroots Advocacy effort and get involved.