Links College Courses

The Links courses work for all students, no matter what their major.

All Links students take 9 college credits including:

KSC 199: College Success Strategies (1 credit)

College Success Strategies is designed to facilitate the transition to college by acquainting students with the structure and expectations of college, assisting in the improvement of the skills and support systems that contribute to academic success. Topics covered and reinforced throughout the LINKS program include goal-setting, time management, college level study skills, technology, managing stress, and more. Students are introduced to a variety of academic and social resources and opportunities. Students also participate in a service learning project.

ITW 101: Integrated Thinking and Writing: Social Justice (4 credits)
Integrative Studies Foundation Course that introduces students to skills and ways of thinking essential to intellectual inquiry. Students pose a creative and complex question; investigate it with critical analyses of readings, research, and data; and use appropriate research techniques and documentation to produce a substantial writing project

And one Integrative Studies Elective course:

Summer 2014 ISP course offerings include the following 4 credit courses:

ISGEOG 100: Introduction to Geography
A systematic introduction to the discipline, designed to give the beginning student exposure to physical, cultural, economic, and cartographic aspects of geography.
INHLSC 175: Essentials of Nutrition Science

An introduction to basic science concepts including nutrition guidelines, micro and macro nutrients, anatomy and physiology of digestion and absorption of nutrients, energy balance, and health and wellness. The course will integrate course content, technology and quantitative reasoning using hands-on investigative activities to interpret and evaluate nutritional needs.

IHCOMM 171 Public Speaking

Through experience in a variety of public speaking situations, students gain self-confidence in the organization of thought and self-expression.

ISPSYC 100 Topics in Psychology
An exploration of topical psychological issues for non-majors. Topics vary in sub-areas of psychology such as biological, social, cognitive, developmental, and clinical psychology.