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Strategic Plan: 2007-2009

Prepared by:
Alumni Association Board of Directors - Strategic Planning Committee
January 2007

Mission of the Alumni Association
Promoting the welfare of alumni and Keene State College.

Strategic Initiative 1:
Promote and advance the College's strategic plan through the Alumni Association's programs, services, and communications.

Strategic Measures

  • Participate in efforts that support the College's strategic initiatives and Master Plan
  • Solidify the Alumni Association as an indispensable stakeholder of the College through orientations of new members, coordinating Keene State Alumni Association and College strategic plans, and implementing an effective strategic plan
  • Create partnerships with College departments/units that accentuate alumni as valued resources of time, talent, and treasure
  • Hire additional staff to support the mission of the Alumni Association
  • Increase the percentage of alumni contributing to the College
  • Increase the dollar contributed to the College by alumni
  • Create an educational component of Alumni Board meetings (and alumni meetings) to better inform alumni about College and student achievements and activities
  • Increase the diversity of the Alumni Board of Directors to include specialists in professional areas that add to the College's key strategic knowledge base

Strategic Initiative 2:
Involve alumni in the life of the College and promote the benefits of a mutually profitable relationship.

Strategic Measures

  • Increase the visibility of and access to current opportunities for involvement
  • Increase support for and use of alumni career services
  • Increase tradition-based programming that promotes common experiences
  • Identify, recruit, and train greater numbers and diversity of alumni volunteers
  • Create a speakers bureau
  • Create an alumni/student mentorship program
  • Create alumni panels for professional growth
  • Hire additional staff to support the mission of the Alumni Association
  • Increase collaboration among alumni and the College on activities that impact their strategic plans

Strategic Initiative 3:
Support a culture of personal and professional networking among current KSC students and alumni.

Strategic Measures

  • Develop the online community to allow alumni to identify interests or affinity groups in which they feel connected and allow them to search for others who have made similar identifications
  • Increase promotion of, support for, and use of alumni career services
  • Identify and develop volunteers for:
    • Alumni/current student mentoring (student life issues)
    • Alumni/career mentoring
    • Representing the College at external affairs such as in-state and out-of-state presidential inaugurations

Strategic Initiative 4: Cultivate excitement among current students about their lifelong relationship with Keene State College.

Strategic Measures

  • Survey current students to determine what the Alumni Association should do for them
  • Highlight the diversity of alumni through:
    • Online community
    • Keene State Today
    • Other print and electronic media
    • Increased synergies with students, faculty, staff, and the College's offices

Strategic Initiative 5:
Build a new Alumni Center that serves as a gateway to the College's rich assets and serves alumni in their contributions of time, talent, and treasure to the campus, community, and region.

Strategic Measures

  • Provide meeting and social gathering space
  • House programs and services that benefit alumni and are consistent with and support the Alumni Association's strategic plan


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