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Students are back on campus, classes are back in session, and KSC is geared up for a productive academic year. This issue of KSC Newsline offers a memory of bygone years and info on upcoming professional workshops, career fairs, and other campus events, including Parent/Family Weekend and Homecoming.

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The Word Along Appian Way


Keene State Announces
First Endowed Chair

Hundreds of College faculty, staff, and students gathered in the library on the afternoon of Sept. 17 to hear an exciting announcement. Benefactors Jan and Rick Cohen have made a generous gift to Keene State to fund the College's first endowed chair. The Cohen Chair in Holocaust and Genocide Studies will enable KSC to strengthen its leadership role in Holocaust Studies and expand the program to include Genocide Studies. The position will be filled by a scholar who has made original contributions to the discipline. The Cohen family is a stalwart supporter of the College and the greater Keene community.

Rick and Jan Cohen with Cohen Center Director Hank Knight and a standing-room only crowd.

Art Masterworks at Thorne
Don't miss this show!

"From Cassatt to Wyeth: American Masterworks from the Mitchell Museum" brings to Keene an incredible array of works by luminaries including Thomas Eakins, Mary Cassatt, Childe Hassam, John Singer Sargent, Andrew Wyeth, and many other American painters and sculptors.

The exhibit is open until November 11 at the Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery.

The Table Garden – Childe Hassam.

Lessons from the Holocaust
Indulge your love of history, enhance your curriculum, or simply learn effective strategies for nurturing compassion. The Cohen Center for Holocaust Studies' professional development workshops focus on personal choice, human courage, and individual action in the face of injustice.

The series, titled "What Does It Mean to Be Human? Personal Choice in a Universe of Moral Obligation," is open to the public. Teachers and KSC alumni receive a discount for each workshop. Presenters include Holocaust survivors, relatives, resisters, eyewitnesses, activists, and respected scholars.

More information here.

Survivor Irving Roth signs his book, Bondi's Brother, for Cohen Center workshop participants.

Connect with Your Dream Career
Current students and recent graduates who would like to investigate career opportunities have a couple of great chances this fall. Career Connections is a series of networking events that the Office of Academic & Career Advising holds throughout the academic year to highlight major career fields at Keene State College.

These events offer students an opportunity to talk one-on-one with local and regional employers in an informal setting and to learn about internships and career opportunities. Employers can connect with students to tell them about the company they represent and the career paths that are available in that company.

Although these are informal events, we recommend that you dress for success ("business casual" is fine). Bring your resumé! Don't have a resumé? Academic & Career Advising can help there, too. Visit, to get started.

For the most up-to-date info: or contact Mary Pleasanton at 603-358-2462 or

The Elliot Center.
Socially Responsible Companies – October 19. This fair is geared toward all majors and all students.

Education – November 30. For anyone interested in teaching and/or other fields related to education.

Round and round she goes
This summer has seen the construction of not one, but two major roundabouts in Keene, one at the intersection of Route 101 and Winchester Street (Route 10), which is now open, and one closer to campus, at the intersection of Main, Marlboro, and Winchester streets.

That one is open in three directions now (Marlboro St. and both ends of Main), but work on Winchester St. won't be finished until November 1.


See It on

Produced by the College Relations Office, the Keene State College Viewbook, 2007 edition, is now available online and in print.

Designed to introduce the college to prospective students, parents, and the general public, this publication focuses on student profiles to paint a realistic portrait of the college. Also included are descriptions and images of campus facilities, events, and organizations, and essential information about applying for admission.

To receive a printed edition, contact the Admissions office by phone at 603-358-2276 or by e-mail at

Ask the Owl
Newsline's Question of the Month

Ask the Owl wonders: Do you really remember '67?
This is a tough one: Can you identify these three budding musicians (or any one of them)? Do you know when and where they were playing? This isn't a trick question – we don't know either. We suspect these fellows may have been the opening act for a much more famous band at Winter Carnival. This photo is from an interesting series from '67, and if you can identify this one, you can probably help us with the others. Let's hope the observation that if you can remember the '60s, you weren't there, isn't really true.

Send your answers to

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Mark Your Calendar

September 27
7 p.m. Mabel Brown Room, Student Center    James D. Ewing World Affairs Lecture: Why Do Famines Persist?
More information
September 28-30
         Parent/Family Weekend
More information
October 17
7 p.m. Mabel Brown Room, Student Center    Sidore Series
More information
October 19-21
      Homecoming 2007 and Keene Pumpkin Festival
More information
November 6-9
         Citizenship Symposium. Speakers, debates, lively conversations, and free copies of the U.S. Constitution.
More information
November 8
7:30 p.m. Keene Middle School Auditorium    Kristallnacht Remembrance
More information

Jeff's Journal
Thanks for the memories! I hope you enjoy Ruth Nelson Towle's reminiscence about the time she mixed lemon and cream in her tea. The results were a little unappetizing, but the event bonded her to another innocent, and Ruth gained a lifelong friend from the experience.

I have no doubt that everyone who has ever entered Keene's world of possibilities also has notable memories and wonderful stories of life on campus.

In fact, Norma Walker '51 and Dr. Eleanor M. VanderHaegen both have projects underway to collect such memories. Norma, the Goddess of the Golden Circle, is collecting reminiscences from those esteemed alumni who have graduated 50 or more years ago. Dr. VanderHaegen, professor emeritus of sociology and co-chair of the Centennial Committee, is gathering memories from any and all alumni. The results should be fun, historical, and educational, and we invite you to participate.

Please send us the memories or stories that stand out from your time here on campus. Your anecdotes can be humorous, serious, inspirational, profound, or whatever, as long as they relate to KSC (or KNS or KTC). We look forward to hearing them all.

Please send them to:
Office of Alumni and Parent Relations
Keene State College
Barry Alumni Center
229 Main Street, Suite 2701
Keene, NH 03435-2701
Fax: 603-358-2400


Just for Alumni

Don't forget! Homecoming and the Pumpkin Festival, Oct. 19-20

  • Pumpkin Lobotomy
  • Homecoming Bonfire
  • Saturday, Oct. 20:
  • Hospitality Tent
  • Athletic/Alumni Golf Outing
  • Women's Soccer
  • Alumni Swimming/Diving Reunion
  • Alumni Men's Rugby Reunion
  • Alumni Phi Mu Delta Reunion

More information and schedule updates: or call the Alumni Office at 603-358-2369 or 800-KSC-1909.

KSC Parents
Changes to Parent/Family Weekend Schedule

Event added:
Saturday, September 29 – Concert Choir Cabaret
The original brochure mailed to parents did not provide a space to register for this event. Download an updated schedule and registration form.

Event cancelled:
Sunday, September 30 – Academic Honors Ceremonies (12:30-1:30 p.m.) and Campus Honors Reception (1:30-2:30 p.m.)

Event added:
Sunday, September 30 (11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.) – Celebration of Academic Excellence
Mabel Brown Room, Lloyd P. Young Student Center. Join us to celebrate academic excellence with presentations, poster sessions, and discussions highlighting the wide range of exceptional faculty and student collaborations that support our core academic programs. Keynote address at noon by Julio del Sesto '07, University Photographer, Saint Joseph's University. Refreshments provided.

Questions? Please contact the Alumni and Parent Relations Office at 800-572-1909, option 6, or e-mail

KSC Connections
Alumni to Alumni

Curds Aweigh!Ruth Nelson Towle, '34
Probably my first memory of my time at Keene Teachers College occurred in 1932 at the freshman tea. I came from a sheltered home in a small town and wasn't very worldly wise. We were served tea with cream, lemon, and sugar. Not knowing the proper etiquette, another girl from a similar background and I put all three things in our tea.

Of course, the lemon curdled the cream, but since we didn't know what else to do, we drank it. Ugh! That girl and I became the best of friends at College and remained so afterwards.

I also learned how to bowl, to shoot archery, to dance, and to become a good teacher. I also made many life-long friends at KTC.

Here I am at 92, living in a fine retirement center, Bishop's Glenn in Holly Hill, Florida. I remember with happiness my many experiences at KTC.

"… became the best of friends at College and remained so afterwards."
Summer 2007 Class Notes are now online. Send your news to your class secretary (see any print issue of Keene State Today) or to Sarah Johnson, class notes editor,
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