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Keene State welcomes the Class of 2009, names a Distinguished Teacher, and responds to those suffering from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. This issue of KSC Newsline also offers reminders of upcoming events on campus, including Homecoming, the fall lecture series, and more. (For information on subscribing or opting out, please scroll to the end.)

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In the Works

The Word along Appian Way:

  • Welcome to the Class of 2009!
    Move-in Day photo by Ann CardMove-in Day, August 27, brought 1,033 first-year students to campus. This class, destined to graduate in 2009, the year of Keene State's centennial, came in with the highest average SAT scores of any Keene State class ever (511 verbal and 510 math) and an average GPA of just over 3.0, sustaining the high standards set by last year's class. We continue to draw most heavily from New England, New York, and New Jersey, with smaller numbers from other states and countries. The acceptance rate for the Class of 2009 was 76 percent. Although we are not yet as diverse a college as we hope to be, we are happy to report having 77 students (first-year, transfer, and international) contributing to racial diversity on campus. Finally, a common theme throughout the application process for the Class of 2009 was the high rate of student participation in community service projects – putting them in harmony with Keene State's motto, "Enter to learn, go forth to serve."
  • Take a Course with Dr. Knouff – Just Don't Expect an 'A'
    Dr. Gregory Knouff associate professor of history and chair of the history department, will receive the 2005 Distinguished Teacher award at the Fall Honors Convocation on October 16. Colleagues and students who nominated him describe his energy, respect, expertise, and inspiration and spoGregory Knouff photoke of the "camaraderie he encourages among class members." Last year's KSC student president Ben Wheeler thought so highly of Greg Knouff that he recommended every student take a course with him. "I tell every student to take Knouff's course, no matter what it is," Ben wrote recently. "You probably won't get an A but you'll learn more than you ever thought you would!"

    Dr. Knouff, who joined KSC in 1998, specializes in early North American history. He describes his scholarship in terms of the "collision of Native American, European American, and West African cultures," and he is especially interested in issues of gender, class, and race and how they contributed to the formation of national identities. He is working on a history of images of Tories and "social outcasts" in late colonial New Hampshire.

  • Dr. Giles-Gee's Vision for Keene State College
    In her opening address to the Keene State faculty and staff on Monday, August 22, President Helen Giles-Gee described a year-long process of defining and focusing on issues that are most important to move Keene State College forward. "Together, we will chart the course for the future of Keene State College," she promised. The academic agenda will get top priority: revising the general education requirements, developing a four-credit curricular structure, planning the new Media Arts Center, and preparing for the upcoming National Accreditation of Teacher Education review. The national search for a strong academic leader is critical in support of these efforts, Dr. Giles-Gee said. She expects to be able to name the new academic leader by April 2006.

    She summarized her goals in this way: "We are in pursuit of excellence. There is no other path for us." Read more about Dr. Giles-Gee's vision for the first year of her presidency here.

  • Hurricane Relief Fund
    On campus, many clubs and teams are raising money to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The field hockey team passed the hat at the Labor Day soccer tournament and raised nearly $400. Members of Habitat for Humanity and Circle K service clubs are selling "wave of hope" bracelets in the Student Center, and other initiatives are under way.

    Members of the KSC community who wish to donate to the Red Cross may use the College's secure web site for the transaction:

    In addition, Dr. Giles-Gee announced that the College would open its arms to Monadnock Region students who were attending school in the disaster area and are now displaced. More than 30 colleges and universities on the Gulf coast were severely damaged, affecting 100,000 students.

  • Distinguished Alumnus Dies
    Neil V. Sullivan photo courtesy Guttman LibraryOne of Keene State's most distinguished graduates, Neil V. Sullivan '36, died on August 6 in Meredith, N.H., at age 90.

    An innovative educator and civil rights advocate, Neil V. Sullivan Sullivan helped integrate schools in Boston; Prince Edward County, Va.; and Berkeley, Calif., in the 1960s and '70s.

    He was profiled in Keene State Today in the Fall 2004 issue.

Ask the Owl
Newsline's Question of the Month

Here's a question to stump the stars: What is the name of Dr. Giles-Gee's cat? (Yes, it would be considered cheating to call the President's office and ask.)

If you know the answer, please e-mail Susan Peery at We'll draw one name from among all the answers and will send the lucky winner an official KSC baseball cat. Cap.

Answer to last month's question.

Last month's "Ask the Owl" asked what was so special about the fireplace at the College Camp in Swanzey. To those of you who replied that it has a stone from every town in New Hampshire, you were close (but no cigar – or cap). Raynor R. Smith Sr. '69, M.Ed. '75, had the right information: it contains a stone from every state in the Union. Including Missouri, the Show Me state, where Ray and his wife live now. Ray spent many productive years teaching math at Keene Middle School and High School and devising math puzzles for The Old Farmer's Almanac. There's a KSC baseball cap on the way, Ray.

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Mark Your Calendar

  • Tues., Sept. 13.
    Redfern Arts Center opens its 25th anniversary season with "Between Sand and Stars." For the complete playbill, go to
  • Fri., Sept. 16.
    Opening reception for "Mongolian Art: A Living Landscape," Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Show runs through Nov. 20.
  • Mon., Sept. 26.
    8th Annual Cohen Center Holocaust Memorial Lecture. Dr. Peter Hayes, Northwestern University, "German Corporate Complicity in the Holocaust." 7:30 p.m., Mabel Brown Room, Student Center.
  • Sat., Oct. 1.
    Homecoming. Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame Tribute to Dr. Ron Butcher at 6:30 p.m.
  • Fri., Oct. 14 - Sun., Oct. 16.
    Parent/Family Weekend. Fall Honors Convocation on Sunday at 1 p.m.
  • Wed., Oct. 18.
    Sidore Lecture. Jerry Fowler, Committee on Conscience at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, "Genocide Emergency, Darfur: Who Will Survive Today?" 7 p.m., Mabel Brown Room, Student Center.
  • Thurs., Nov. 3 - Sat., Nov. 5.
    Public Affairs Symposium: "Globalization: Impact on Peoples of the World."

For a list of all events, including a full line-up of fall sports,

Open Mike
Mike Maher '72, director of Alumni and Parent Relations, tells us what he did on his summer "vacation" (it sounds a lot like his work!). You can write to Mike at

I really did take some vacation this summer and went to visit my daughter, Eliza '99, in Riverside, Calif. While my wife, Kitty '73, and I were there we met up with some KSC alumni. First we had dinner in Hollywood with Dave Clew '70, Jeff LaValley '88, Chris Allen '90, and Roger Memos' 79 and his wife. While the others didn't have to travel far, Dave drove about 200 miles from San Luis Obispo. That is a long way to go for a free meal and a visit with an old fraternity brother.

Roger got our attention when he opened a box and plunked his recently awarded Emmy down in the middle of the table and announced, "Geek makes good!" Roger received this prestigious award for producing the daytime reality series "Starting Over." I don't know if Roger ever was a geek, but he is fun to be around now, and that gold statue in the middle of a table is mighty pretty. (See story in the Winter 2005 issues of Keene State Today.)

Two days later we stopped in to visit Sharon Goupil '80 at Sage College in Moreno Valley, where she is the executive director. Sharon and her partner actually bought the school and transformed it into a college, accredited to grant associate's degrees in court reporting. The college is in a large, beautifully renovated building and is bustling with students learning a lucrative profession. Sharon is one of the most energetic and enthusiastic alums that I have met in my various travels.

Photo: KSC alumni gather at the Cat and Fiddle in Hollywood, Calif.Dave Clew '70, Mike Maher '72, Kitty McClure Maher '73, Roger Memos '79, Jeff LaValley '88, Chris Allen '90.  Kneeling: Eliza Maher '99

KSC Connections
Are You a Twig on the Alumni Family Tree?
From Mike Maher, director of Alumni and Parent Relations: I ran into some alumni this summer whose kids are freshmen at KSC this fall. At Orientation I saw Chris Hodge Littlewood '73 with her son Michael, and also Margo Merrow Karamanoogian '75 with her daughter Kori. I later saw Kori again at a baseball game in Manchester, N.H., with her dad, Ken Karamanoogian '75.

This leads to a project I'm tackling: untangling and recording the ways Keene alumni are related. Not only do we have multigenerational families like my own and the ones above, but we have families like the Hoopers, siblings from the 1980s, who married alums who had siblings who were also alumni.

If you have relatives, even nieces, nephews, aunts, or uncles, who graduated from Keene State, let me know. I plan to create a KSC Family Tree section in Keene State Today magazine and on our web site. By the time we celebrate the KSC Centennial in 2009, I hope to be able to show alumni family linkages throughout our 100-year history. You can e-mail me at

Please send your news to your class secretary (see any print issue of Keene State Today), or to Barbara Hall, class notes editor (

We'd Like to Hear from You
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