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Keene State announces an important event for next spring and gives club status to a classic art (or is it a sport?). This issue of KSC Newsline also tells about a teacher's bequest, reveals the true story of Roger Babson, and gives a heads-up on Reunion 2006. (For information on subscribing or opting out, please scroll to the end.)

The Word Along Appian Way

Save the Date: Friday, April 28, 2006
Dr. Helen Giles-Gee will be inaugurated as the ninth president of Keene State College in a ceremony on April 28. Dr. Giles-Gee, who already has made her mark on campus for her commitment to scholarship and citizenship, has chosen the theme "Creating a World of Possibilities" for the occasion. The induction ceremony is expected to take place at mid-afternoon, followed by a reception and an evening event. Details will be posted at

It's Not Too Late to Matriculate
Photo by Julio Del SestoIf you know anyone who is thinking of transferring schools or starting college, we hope you'll encourage them to consider Keene State. We are still accepting applications from new and transfer students for spring 2006 admission. Classes begin January 17; some housing is still available as of mid-December. Call the Admissions Office at 603-358-2276 for details. (Reminder: the College is closed Dec. 24-Jan.2.)

For fall 2006, applications have already been arriving in good numbers, reports Admissions Director Peggy Richmond. Fortunately, one of the new residence halls currently under construction will be open in time for the start of the fall semester. The Butler Court facility will house 216 students in living suites. For architectural drawings and up-to-date details on campus construction, go to Check out the web cam link!

Getting to the Point
 Photo: Foiled again: Mark Timney (right) fencing on the Quad. Photo by Julio Del SestoLate last summer, a note from journalism professor Mark Timney announced a rapier fencing demonstration by the Ryvnine School of Fence, a nonprofit group dedicated to teaching the art of classical swordplay. To Mark's delight, 17 men and four women signed up as charter members of the KSC Historical Fencing Club to learn the art of Italian Renaissance-style swordsmanship.

"We are doing this in the liberal arts tradition," said Mark, "so that students can understand the culture and the context of fencing, not just the physical side. Photo by Julio Del SestoFencing is beautiful and it requires mindfulness – it's a true combining of mind and body into an art form. In fencing, of course, unlike flower arranging, there are lasting consequences for losing concentration."

The KSC Historical Fencing Club recently gained official club status and enrollment in lessons is up, so don't be surprised to see masked Zorro-like figures en garde, practicing their advance, parry, ballestra, riposte, or salute. In historical fencing, the primary weapon is the rapier. The dagger, carried in the off hand, is used for parrying. Romance and tradition come along for the ride. To learn more, e-mail fencemeister

The Soul of Frugality, the Spirit of Giving
Photo by Ann CardJenness Carlton Phillips '47 grew up on a hardscrabble farm in Swanzey and worked as a schoolteacher for 30 years after her graduation from Keene State. She taught music in Pittsburg and other small district schools, then spent the last 23 years of her career teaching elementary grades in Milford. She retired after her husband, Clyde, died in 1976.

Mrs. Phillips was known to her legions of students as a loving, if exacting, teacher from the "old school." She was known to her friends as a person of great frugality, someone who always brought her lunch from home, used a wringer washer, hung her clothes to dry near the woodstove, and canned pickles and other produce from her own garden. To shoppers in the Amherst area, where she lived, she was known as "the smocking lady" for the handmade smocked dresses she sewed for little girls and sold at flea markets and fairs or gave away to friends with young children.

All that frugality and all those dresses paid off. When Mrs. Phillips died in 2004 at age 88, she left a significant amount of money – more than $600,000 – to be divided among three school districts and used for musical education and audio-visual supplies. A true Yankee to the end, she specified that the money be invested and only the interest spent. The three beneficiaries, Pittsburg, Milford, and Monadnock Regional (which includes Swanzey), were all close to her heart. Students there will be singing her praises forever.

Photo: Bob Johnson '66 advises KSC education students. Photo courtesy Mike MaherAlumni in the Classroom
Bob Johnson '66, a nationally recognized educational consultant and former school administrator, volunteered his time and expertise to give a day-long presentation to Educational Methods seniors, courtesy of Ann Beaudry-Torrey of the education faculty. Bob traveled to Keene from his home in Texas. Thank you, Bob Johnson, for your generous donation to the College.

Ask the Owl

Newsline's Question of the Month
Here's a new question: Last season, men's basketball player Sean Sullivan became the 24th Owl to score 1,000 career points. Who is the all-time leading men's basketball scorer?

If you know the answer, please e-mail Susan Peery at We'll draw one name from among all the correct answers and will send the lucky winner an official KSC baseball cap or something equally wonderful.

Answer to last month's question.
Last month's "Ask the Owl" wondered idly, "Who was Roger W. Babson and why is his name carved on a granite marker outside Butterfield Hall?"

To be honest, we didn't know the answer and hoped that we'd hear from the experts. We did!

The first person to respond was our director of Campus Safety, Amanda Warman, who identified Babson as a statistician and founder of Babson College and the Gravity Research Foundation. Brendan Denehy from the Redfern Arts Center added that Babson set up his foundation in New Boston, N.H., because he thought it was far enough away from Boston to be safe from nuclear attack.

Babson gave money to several colleges in New England, including Keene (thus the granite marker). Raynor Smith '65 sent the most entertaining answer. (We'll let it go at that, Ray.)

Biographical link for Roger W. Babson

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KSC Athletics
Home for the Holidays with KSC Athletics
The second half of December is a bit of a breather for KSC sports. The gym is quiet, the athletes have gone home, the statisticians have turned off their computers. It's a good time to turn to Hometown Spotlight for a different kind of sports news. What makes Jennifer Adams run? Why did Eric Scott enroll at Keene State? At, sports information director Stuart Kaufman posts interviews with Keene State's student athletes.

Mark Your Calendar

  • Friday, April 28, 2006 – Inauguration of Dr. Helen Giles-Gee as president of Keene State. For details, see
  • June 2-4, 2006 – Reunion Weekend

For a details of all events go to

Open Mike
Mike Maher, director of Alumni and Parent Relations, sets the dates for Reunion 2006.

Photo: Marching at Reunion 2005. Photo courtesy Mike Maher Reunion Weekend 2006 will be June 2-4, and classes with years ending in "1" and "6" will be celebrating special anniversaries. So if you are from the class of '01, '96, '91, '86, '81, and so on, please save that weekend to come back to Keene.

Reunion is always a great time to be connecting with old friends you rarely see, and even those you see all the time, by returning to the place where these friendships began. Wander the campus, sit out on the Quad, stay overnight in Huntress Hall, or hang out on Appian Way.

Things will look different from your student days. Believe it or not, the star attraction this year will be the Dining Commons. You will quickly discover that this isn't the dark and greasy place you might remember. Our new $20-million facility is huge, bright, and beautiful, and the food is great.

Photo: Brunching at Reunion 2005. Photo courtesy Mike Maher A few of the events we are considering for all classes include a wine tasting Friday night, tentatively in Fiske Hall; live music on the Quad Saturday afternoon; and a reception at the president's house with Dr. Helen Giles-Gee. Please let me know your plans and ideas.

Alumni Awards
Also, take a few minutes and let me know about yourself or other alumni who have been successful professionally or have been involved in interesting or important service projects or career paths. Our awards committee will be considering candidates soon, for the alumni achievement and inspiration awards, along with other honors. You may visit our awards pages at Send your recommendations to me at

All of us in the Alumni Office send our best wishes for a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and a wonderful holiday season. We look forward to seeing you in the new year.

KSC Connections
Alumni to Alumni

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