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Task 5.

Fall on Appian Way

Buy Your Books

Due Date: The sooner you buy, the better your chance to get used editions.

Don’t Put Off Buying Your Books Until the Last Minute!!

The Keene State College Bookstore is owned and operated by Keene State College. We are the only college store in the University System of New Hampshire NOT operated by a lease operation. What does this mean for you as a Keene State College Student? It means that our sole reason for being here is to serve our students (you) by supplying them with all of the correct materials that have been ordered by their professors. The biggest challenge that we face in our endeavor is to keep the cost down and still get students what they need. In order to do this we offer students new, used, and rental options on their course materials.

We offer both new and used textbooks for students to purchase. At the end of the term, we buy back many of these books to resell here in the Bookstore the following semester. This helps reduce the overall cost to both the student selling their books and to the student who now has the opportunity to purchase a used book.

Students can purchase their textbooks from the Bookstore several ways.

  1. Through our Textbook Reservation Program (TBR): Students wishing to sign up for our TBR Program will have the opportunity to do so during June Orientation or by calling the bookstore by August 22nd. Please visit our Orientation page at to read more about the TBR Program, Payment methods, Rentals, and other useful information before attending June Orientation. Please stop by the Bookstore during Orientation to sign up for the TBR Program and/or give us the opportunity to answer any questions or concerns you may have after visiting our Orientation webpage.

  2. In Store: Students can come to the Bookstore located in the L. P. Young Student Center, with a printed copy of their course schedule to purchase their course materials and supplies.

  3. From our Web Store: Books can also be purchased from our web store at:, beginning mid-July. When purchasing on our web store, please choose the in-store pick up option in the checkout area. We will hold your books here in the store until you arrive on campus. You can pick them up on move in day with a picture ID.

Those textbooks that are required for a course, but that a student does not intend to keep, might be better rented than purchased as a way of keeping costs down.

The KSC Bookstore offers an In-Store Rental Program

  1. Our In Store Rental Program offers students the opportunity to rent books direct from the bookstore. Not all textbooks are available for rent through this program, but a number of the pricier new editions are. Over 100 titles were available for rent in our latest spring term. Students signing up for the TBR Program can rent by indicating their preference on the TBR form. A rental account will be set up when signing up for the TBR Program. This involves creating a credit card token with our credit card clearing company to be used as collateral in case the student damages or does not return the rental book at the end of the semester. The student will also be required to sign a rental agreement.

  2. Students can also rent textbooks in our store with a copy of their course schedule, or through our website on our course schedule page, Students will be required to sign a rental agreement before they can rent a book. A credit card with an expiration date that goes at least one month past the rental due date will be required as security for the rental. The cost of the rental can be paid for with a credit card, cash, check, Owl Cash, gift card, or Financial Aid (BECA) if renting in the store, or with a credit card if renting from our web store.

The bookstore is now offering many of its textbooks and readers in e-book format. E-books can be purchased outright, or rented for a specific time period. At the time of purchase a code is created, which the student will use to access the e-book at

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