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Task 4.

Orientation Staffer

Review Your Fall Schedule

Starting June 20th:
Review your fall semester course schedule

Keene State College provides new first time students an academic start by registering you in a schedule of 14-18 credits for the Fall 2014 semester. You were registered for these courses based on what you told us about your area of academic interest and what the faculty in that discipline recommends for your first semester.

As you’ll be able to see, the faculty recommendations include suggestions encouraging exposure to many parts of the curriculum. Follow this link to see the faculty course recommendations for your academic discipline.

If you’ve indicated to us that you’re undecided, you’ve been registered for a selection of courses that will help you clarify your academic direction and, no matter what major you eventually choose, these particular courses will apply towards your graduation requirements.

Now that you’ve got your schedule you should review it and then take time to read more about these courses and various academic majors in our online catalog.

If you think you want to adjust your schedule, you’ll have three opportunities to do so in August (see below). In the meantime, now that you have your schedule, you can buy your books. Buying your books from the KSC Bookstore insures that you’ll get the exact edition required by your faculty member and the sooner you buy them, the better your chances of getting a less expensive used edition.

Steps for the task:

  1. VIEW your schedule
  2. Let us know about AP courses and transfer credits
  3. If necessary, learn how to adjust your fall schedule

1. View Your Schedule

  • Log into MyKSC
  • Select Student Services tab. “My Class Schedule” is the first option under Academic Planning. Select Fall 2014 and you will view your classes.

Note: With few exceptions, all first year students are registered in a foundation course for the Integrative Studies Program (ISP) which includes: * ITW 101, the Integrative Thinking and Writing course, OR * IQL, Integrative Quantitative Literacy course (or approved substitute: MATH 120, MATH 141, MATH 172, MATH 175, or MGT 202). During Orientation you’ll learn about how you can use ‘Program Evaluation’ in MyKSC to keep track of what requirements you’ve satisfied and what courses you still need to take.

Check In
Have you learned about the courses associated with your academic area of interest?

2. Let us know about AP courses and transfer credits

If you have completed any advanced placement courses or have taken courses at another college and plan on transferring that information to Keene State, make sure you include those course topics in your program planning. Remember to submit official transcripts from colleges attended, or College Board for AP credit.

KSC will verify the transferability of any coursework, but for now we want to avoid duplication. If you are registered in a Fall 2014 course that you have previously completed at another institution, please notify Academic and Career Advising by emailing

Check In
If you have taken AP or college courses have you accounted for those? For New Hampshire residents completing courses at other New Hampshire colleges and universities, check out for equivalencies.

3. If necessary, learn how to adjust your fall schedule

Your fall schedule has been carefully planned for you. Every course you are registered for will meet requirements for most majors and provides the flexibility to explore other majors. At Keene State, a typical semester course is worth 4 credits, and 120 credits are required for graduation. Although you are considered a fulltime student with 12 credits per semester, we urge students to enroll in 16 credits to graduate on time.

While accruing the 120 credits needed to graduate, you must fulfill three different kinds of degree requirements.

  1. Integrative Studies Program (ISP) (the KSC General Education program)
  2. Major
  3. Electives

Use the Academic Catalog to get familiar with Keene State’s:

  • Majors and Degree requirements
  • Undergraduate programs
  • Academic Support

You may still be committed to the original academic interest you provided on your Keene State College admission application but if you’ve changed your mind, no problem. Check in with your O-Staff leader and see what faculty in academic departments are recommending for your first semester or take a look at the department advising plans.

Need to change your schedule? Reasons for adjusting your schedule online include:

  • Your academic interest has changed
  • Times of classes conflict with athletic practice or work schedule
  • You have previously completed a course with AP credits or a pre-KSC college experience

We are providing three opportunities for you to adjust your schedule:

  • Online from August 18-24, 2014
  • Assisted schedule adjustment during Orientation (August 20-24, 2014. Look for specific dates and times as Orientation materials are finalized)
  • Faculty signature only: Schedule Adjustment week: August 25 – 29, 2014

Adjust if you choose but remember, DON’T DROP A CLASS UNTIL YOU ADD ANOTHER.

The video below was created by one of our O Staff Leaders, Gabby. Use it as a guide if you intend to adjust your schedule.

Check In

Have you reviewed the KSC course catalog for a complete list of majors offered and related courses?

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