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Task 3.

Skateboarding on Appian Way

Get Your KSC ID

Due Date: June 30th, 2014

As a new student, you will be required to have the official Keene State College Identification Card: The Owl Card.

Your college ID has many purposes including:

  • getting materials from the library
  • it's your pass into the dining commons
  • it's required for admission into the recreation center
  • if you live on campus in certain residence halls, it also serves as your front door key

As a KSC student, you are expected to carry this with you at all times. IT'S IMPORTANT!

KSC Owl Card
KSC Owl Card

Take your picture

You'll need to upload an electronic photograph of yoursef. By providing this photo, we will be able to have your Owl Card ready for you on your first day of Orientation.

The "passport style" photo (see samples) should be:

  • A head and shoulders color image (not black & white)
  • Taken against a solid (non-patterned) background that is light in color
  • Taken straight on
  • Eyes open
  • No shadows or under/over exposed images
  • Whether you smile or not is up to you, but no funny faces please
  • No selfies

What makes for a good Owl Card photo?

Student ID Photos

Upload your photo

As a new student, you will receive a “Welcome to Keene State College” email sent to your personal email address. The “Welcome to Keene State College” email walks you thru setting up your KSC NetID, obtaining your KSC email address and logging into the Keene State College student portal, MyKSC. You will need your KSC NetID to log into your GET Owl Card Portal to upload your image for your KSC ID. Once you are logged in, look for the “Upload ID Photo” Quick Link and follow the simple instructions to upload your ID photo from any desktop or mobile device (remember—no selfies, please!).

Please be sure your photo is in .jpg format.

You’ll receive an email to let you know if your photo was accepted or if you need to submit another one.

Can't upload your photo?

Send your picture as an attachment in jpg format to:

  • The SUBJECT LINE must be your name and Student ID number.
    Example: [firstname] [lastname] [Student ID#]
    (Your Student ID number can be found on your acceptance letter.)
  • You will receive an automated e-mail response to confirm receipt of your picture. We will contact you separately if there is any problem with the file.

Questions About Your Owl Card?

Call the Owl Card Office at 603.358.2673 or email us at

Contact Orientation Staff

For General Orientation Questions:

Contact our office: