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Parent F.A.Q.

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Does KSC Campus Safety provide safety escorts?

Yes, personal safety escorts are available on campus before and after shuttle hours. Escorts may walk or drive and are provided on a staff-available basis.


I understand I can't see my student's grades without having my student sign a form – how can this be when I'm the one paying the bills?

It's important to have a conversation with your son/daughter about their academic records and your respective expectations about sharing this information.

There are federal regulations concerning the information parents are entitled to once a student turns 18 years of age - even if you are paying the tuition. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA; also known as the Buckley Amendment) is a federal law that protects the privacy of a student's education records once they are 18 years old.

Students are the only ones who can request a transcript of their grades, for example. The student must give written permission for his/her grades to be shared with anyone else (including parents).

Forms are available at the Registrar's Office in the Elliot Center and online for students to sign which will give their parents access to their records. Personnel here at the college have access to grades because of the need to see the students' progress as we advise them.


Will offices be open on Move-in day?

Yes, though not necessarily fully staffed, as many staff members will be assisting students and their families in the move-in process.


What is this “Move-In Sale” I keep seeing in mailings/emails?

The Move-In Sale is Keene State’s way of providing your new student with many of the items they need for their room at a low cost and with less waste. Wait until you get to campus on move-in day before buying items like shower caddies, rugs, dishes, clothes hangers, trash cans and binders. ROCKS, our campus recycling program, collects “stuff” from upper classmen when they move out in May. The ROCKS crew spends the summer cleaning and organizing all of the different res hall items and then holds a sale just for incoming students on move-in day. All items are $5 or less and you get a free shower caddy with every purchase (while supplies last). Good for your wallet and good for the environment! Not to mention it saves you the hassle of trying to fit everything into your car/truck/SUV!

Check out the ROCKS webpage frequently for updated information.


Can first-year students have cars on campus?

A key factor in helping our new students to be successful at KSC is for them to make new friends and to get involved in the many campus activities, events and groups that are available. Remaining on campus during the weekends gives new students plenty of time to socialize, rest and often, even study! For these reasons, only a very small number of parking permits are made available for first-year students. On July 7th, a message will be available on student’s MyKSC account informing them about the process first-year students can use to apply for one of the limited parking permits.


When is Parent Family Weekend?

Visit the Parent Family Weekend page for dates, times, and the schedule of events . If you plan to stay overnight, make your hotel reservations early.


How can my students get information about transferring credits they earned at another institution?

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